Ever since he finished touring behind his 2000 opus Voodoo, the spaced-out soul king D’Angelo has remained shrouded in mystery, supposedly working hard on his own personal Chinese Democracy but giving the public virtually no indication of where that might be heading. Every new D’Angelo song feels like an event, and every report that the new album will be out soon gets reported as news even if it’s probably bullshit. And today, we get an actual new song from D’Angelo — sort of.

Depending on who you ask, D’Angelo’s version of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” was recorded at home either eight years ago (?uestlove’s probably-accurate account) or two years ago. It’s a dizzy psych-soul experiment that sound basically nothing like Soundgarden’s original, and you can hear it below.

(via Vulture)

D’Angelo’s next album will hopefully come out before the sun engulfs our helpless planet.

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  1. I’m confused, I don’t know if I should feel ennui and contempt fort the world or if I should want to have sex with the black hole sun.

  2. Really, really…interesting song. Doesn’t feel like one single song though so much as a cohesive collection of sounds put onto one track because the melody changes so often. I like a lot of it. At first I wasn’t huge with the vocal arrangement, but I’m definitely feeling it now.

  3. oh d’angelo

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  5. The genius of an artist is not in him replicating the original song to the best of his/her’s ability, but re-interpreting the song in a brand new way.

    And while this cover isn’t as mind-blowing as cuts from his VOODOO album, it’s a nice little glimpse at the direction he’s taking his music after a ten year break.

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  7. 2012 will be the year of D’Angelo

  8. commence me really, really wishing my computer at work could play audio. it’ll have to wait til tonight. in the meantime, i’ll be busy imagining what this sounds like

  9. Wow, what a fascinating reinterpretation. Love the tempo changes. It’s like a mini soul opera all wrapped up in 5:43.

  10. Wasn’t there a report two weeks ago he is in rehab? Perhaps the reason it’s taking so long.

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  12. Holy shit this is extraordinarily good. As Jordan said, it is not as much of a cover as it is a re-arrangement of the song, although I think it is amazing, and would prefer if more covers were like this.

  13. What a load of balls. I don’t even like Soundgarden but this is just painful. It’s potentially the single most self indulgent bucket of distortion I have ever had the misery of listening to.

  14. Sounds like D’Angelo is in his Camille phase… maybe he should call his next release the Black Album.

  15. Dear Stereogum community,

    Before you comment on an artists work, put yourself in their position. Imagine, read a book…anything . To hate is a strong emotion for weak people.

    Dear D’Angelo,

    You are genius.

  16. gotta tell you I wasnt feeling this at first listen, but once you get past D’s initial uncomprehensible lyrics, it turns out to be a great groove with a funky, playful bassline. And it doesnt even matter that the lyrics sound chipmunk-ish because we can all tell that it’s D’angelo’s smooth falsetto. Listen to this more than once. It becomes insanely addictive. My opinion…take it or leave it.

  17. Dude is talented. If you don’t like it then whatever. This is a breath of fresh air for me.

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