Ben Gibbard in Runner's World

Two things I learned in the past 10 minutes: (1) Runner’s World, a magazine for people who like to run, is a thing that exists, and (2) Ben Gibbard likes to run. The magazine recently profiled the Death Cab For Cutie frontman, who, come to think of it, has been looking way less doughy and more gristly lately. In the interview, Gibbard says convincing stuff about why he likes to run. The accompanying video, sadly, has no footage of Gibbard actually running, which could’ve been hilarious. The footage of him stretching in a recording studio, however, is pretty good. Watch it below.

(via Runner’s World, where you can also read a longer interview with Gibbard)

I love this sentence: “We all know that Flea is in great shape.” Also! Death Cab’s Codes And Keys is out now on Atlantic and available at eMusic.

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    • Have you ever tried to run a marathon? I certainly haven’t, but I’m guessing any activity where it is common to either lose control of your sphincter or bleed on the inside is pretty damn hard.

  2. He looks in great shape! Running is the perfect “me” time too – put on the runners and plug in the ipod. I get to keep in shape AND listen to an hour of music.

    • Seriously, running is such a great stress reliever and time to listen to new stuff. Gotta be careful listening to hardcore rap while running though, you’re liable to mug at noone in particular and look generally foolish…

      … on second thought, that might only apply to me.

  3. Really, really neat video shoot OF a photo shoot! Wowee!

  4. Between this and Bon Iver working out, it’s now inexcusable to have a Grover body if you’re an indie music fan. Fitness and hipness go hand in hand.

  5. Indie gets fit!

  6. No one asked him to get sober… or to run.

  7. Soul Meets Nike.

  8. Gibbard. No games, just sports.

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