Grimes by Andrew Youssef

Stereogum40 alum Grimes was already primed for a busy year, with a new album and a tour on the way, but she stands to be even busier after signing with 4AD. Soon after this announcement, she hit the web with “Genesis,” a track off of her upcoming Visions. “Genesis” is a assertive, sparkling soar of a song that delivers on Grimes’ initial, promising but yet still-somewhat unformed vision. But Claire Boucher comes through the clouds here, and it’s pretty exciting; download the track after the jump.

Initially scheduled to be released on Arbutus 1/31, Grimes’ Visions will now be released 2/21 on 4AD in North America and 3/12 elsewhere.

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  3. Is she singing in Simlish? I can’t understand a word. Love the music though.

  4. Amazing! Whats not to love about this music?

  5. Great new track. Apparently no one is listening to this song after the minute mark because a great dance beat kicks in. Car commercial, I don’t think so.

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