TMZ Details Zooey's Divorce, Net Worth

Divorce proceedings are underway for Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard, and, for reasons known only to them, Zooey’s lawyer disclosed her income and expense statements. Here’s a breakdown:

As for what she spends a month, Zooey says she drops $1,000 on groceries and household supplies, $500 eating out, $800 on utilities, $300 for her various phones and email accounts, $600 in laundry and cleaning, $2,000 for clothes.

(via TMZ)

Simply put, it’s the most adorkable itemized expense sheet ever! Check out the rest, including Zooey’s monthly income and other weird, oddly public stats, at TMZ.

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  1. Thanks for the info, TMZ, but what I’m really waiting for is the sex tape!

  2. She actually has pretty reasonable spending habits, especially considering she’s probably making 25 times as much in a year as us writing here. The TMZ article also seems to raise an eyebrow about spending $500 a month on eating out. However, if you live by yourself and are a celebrity, I’m sure you can afford to spend $16 a day on dinner, coffee.

  3. I bet anything she shops at Whole Foods.

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  5. …$300 on phones AND EMAIL ACCOUNTS – when did you start having to pay for those?

  6. how much on twice weekly bangs trims?

  7. What do you guys think is on her grocery list? I’d like to think that her fridge is perpetually stocked with Greek yougurt and La Croix.

    • She’s a Yoplait grrl, through and through (that’s how Yoplait grrls spell “girl”)

    • Remember when she was on Top Chef? She’s vegan, but also allergic to everything? It was a difficult challenge for the chefs!

      • She may be allergic to everything because she’s vegan. I’ve seen a lot people who are over the top when it comes to avoiding germs, certain food products or ingredients, etc., develop allergies and weak immune systems because their bodies haven’t built a tolerance to everyday things.

        Also, I made out with Zooey at a loft party in the West Village when I was 19. Oh no wait…that was Danny Devito.

  8. In other news, Zooey Deschanel would still totally be into me if she knew I existed.

  9. They left out the $250 budget spent on ironic glasses

  10. i felt bad reading this. i hope whoever leaked this knows what an asshole they are.

    • I’m pretty sure her lawyer already knows he’s an asshole.

      • The lawyer probably leaked it for the exact reasons people are talking about it: to garner public support and show that she has fairly reasonable spending habits and is entitled to spousal support from Ben Gibbard.

        It’s actually not a bad tactical move, though ethically fucked.

  11. $2,000 a month for clothes? that’s a year’s salary for some poor folks.

  12. you have to pay for email if you have a vanity URL like or something like that. But it seems like that would be a business expense not a personal expense

  13. What’s up with the $800 utility bill? Does she have a large scale growing operation in her basement?

  14. Nobody’s blinking at the $600 laundry bill?!

  15. The question nobody is asking is how much she spends on vinyl a month

  16. Who on earth spends $2000 a month on clothes???

    • I actually understand this one. When you’re a fashion icon (wether or not you like her style is beyond the issue), there is probably some pressure to buy more expensive designer things. And honestly, $2000 is really not that much.

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  18. Too bad she isn’t spending money on singing or acting lessons….

  19. Pretty sure if you ever release a Christmas album, the rates at the laundromat increase 1000%.

  20. Why was Zooey the one eating out?

  21. I’d eat her out for way less than $500 a month

  22. She also donates $1,500 a month to charity.

  23. Oh, nice. I spend about $500/mo eating out on Craigslist, too.

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