Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

“National Anthem” and “This Is What Makes Us Girls,” two more tracks from Lana Del Rey’s forthcoming debut Born To Die, leaked online. The former’s not a Radiohead cover, so we can all breathe easy. Instead, it joins “Off To The Races” on the list of LDR songs with big, awkward quasi-rap beats. Universal Music Group has been jerking any and all versions of the track from YouTube, but you can listen to both at

Born To Die is out 1/30 on Interscope (tracklist below). And if you’re looking for further reasons to hate Del Rey, please note that she’s recently signed a contract with Next Modelling Agency, which means she is now a colleague of fellow Next client Jessie J.

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  1. “give me a standing oh-vay-shee-yuhh-yunnnn”


  2. a person as a national anthem? she is just too postmodern brah

  3. Ok I missed the boat on Lana Del Ray and don’t really understand what’s going on.. do people like this chick? Why is she on stereogum every day when people supposedly hate her? I’m confused…

  4. [Enter Michael_.]

  5. I mean, it’s a song. Whatever. Not terrible, not great, kind of trite lyrics, similar to all of her other stuff. It would be nice if ‘better’ music were as heavily hyped, but she’s got major label $ behind her, so mehr. Such is life.

  6. Her music sounds the like soundtrack to some crappy CW show.

  7. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2012 +3

    She is running out of ideas on her first album already and has to sample Videogames on a song that comes out on the same record?

  8. Seriously, do you guys get paid to post about her?

  9. ok, as much as i agree she was created in a lab to destroy us all, she got me with “pabst blue ribbon on ice”

  10. overproduced again!!!! why don’t they go back to the production that made video games awesome.

  11. wait why does this exist exactly?

  12. This Is What Makes Us Girls sounds like another ‘just some prat who sounds like radiohead, not actual radiohead’ story in the making if you ask me

  13. Trying to get the ‘lowest comment of the week’ honor so here it goes:

    lAna del ray? More like Lana DEl GAY!! AmIRight!!???

  14. I can’t BELIEVE the way the internet works these days. One ok but carefully calculated song, multi-nationals mining blogs for who has the most hits, producers swoop, money exchanged, an over-ambitious but plebian retard fills an album out with utterly inconsequential garbage, eschews integrity (didn’t have any anyway, evidenced by the face) for the acquisition of fame/money/modelling contracts. Lana wins, Universal wins, blogs operating on the pretence of being critical LOSE, and this stuff simply exists. Pitchfork and Stereogum are just digital versions of TV Hits / Smash HIts magazines, trading in superficial images and recirculating the same old signs. My GOODNESS, go away, all of you!

  15. Just out of curiosity, what is your source that either of these songs will be on the album? Both have been around for ages – I found them back in June and they were advertised as old then. They fit in much better with some of her old poppier stuff than the tracks on Born to Die – I really can’t see her putting either of these on the album.

    That track listing also looks suspect. Where is ‘Without You’ for example, which Del Rey said would be on her album at her Toronto show…?

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  17. I don’t really understand all the vitriol against this girl. She is no different than any other label made pop star.

  18. I come for the Lana del Rey comments only, at this point.

  19. From Lana:

    “the versions of National Anthem and This Is What makes Us Girls that have been leaked are demos + sound nothing like they do on the album”

  20. Wow everything I just listened to of hers was terrible. No thanks.

  21. Those are some sick beatz, homie! A collaboration with Pink seems like the logical next step. I can’t wait to hear that hourly on every super awesome top 40 radio station that Washington DC offers me!!! ;-)

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