WU LYF on Letterman

Five days into 2012, we already have a contender for the year-ending Best Late Night Performances list. On last night’s episode of the Late Show With David Letterman, WU LYF brought their ferociously strangulated wails and their Eazy-E T-shirts to the Ed Sullivan Theater’s stage and generally whomped all kinds of ass. When they got finished playing, Dave giggled a whole bunch, and the band acted really weird. Watch it all unfold below.

WU LYF’s Go Tell Fire To The Mountain is out now on Lyf Recordings and available at eMusic.

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  1. Part of me wishes Ellery Roberts didn’t have to play organ, because you know he’d do some crazy-awesome frontman stuff with free hands.

  2. I would love a Wu Lyf scarf

  3. It looks like the lead singer curses at the very end (bleeped out in the video). I think that’s probably why Dave is laughing and the band is acting weird.

  4. What’s he staring at?

    • The behind the scenes leader of the World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation was directing this performance from the catwalk above the studio. None other than the nefarious… Dr. Claw.

  5. i’m prepared for the backlash but maybe people agree:

    that song was pretty boring and the guitar tone sucks.

    other than that, fun show.

    • “…and the guitar tone sucks.”

      Don’t ever watch Friday Night Lights (or listen to Explosions in the Sky). It’s basically that guitar tone played over shaky-cam shots of high school football and family turmoil.

      I love FNL & WU LYF, for the record. I thought they pulled off a great performance here.

  6. Wait…those guys aren’t black…and there’s only four of them. ‘WU’ lyf, indeed.

    ‘Twas pretty good though, this was my first experience with these guys. Pretty good stuff.

  7. If anyone wants an Eazy E tshirt, let us know…my bro in Liverpool designs them.peace

  8. and trail of dead waiting for there brothers in future irrelevance. but what a fucking great performance

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