You might remember that Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney said some stuff about Nickelback. So Nickelback furiously fires back with … nah, they just kind of shrugged it off. See:

Somewhere in an East Village loft, filled with cigarette smoke and copies of The Hunger Games, a pair of drummer’s eyes roll. If Carney gets a second, he should definitely take some time out to LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH.

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  1. This is how Patrick Carney reminds them of what they really are.

  2. it’s too bad they had to fight like this, too late to apologize I’m afraid now NB has taken the high road, still so wrong for Patrick to say those things. So long since I’ve heard a Nickelback song.

  3. Nickelback should now record a blues album called Akron to keep the fued alive

  4. Man, that YouTube comment thread is bizarre. People are unironically defending Nickelback, and calling them one of the best bands of all time. I don’t understand it at all; it’s like a foreign language to me.

    This has to just be from tweens and the like, who don’t have any discerning music taste yet, right? And from people who don’t really listen to music? Right?

  5. Why would Nickelback give a shit about what anyone says about them? The correct response is to laugh all the way to the bank, which is exactly what they’re doing.

    Just to be clear, Nickelback is still the worst. I just think The Black Keys were in the wrong on this one. Just shut up and play bad ass blues rock, dudes.

  6. Yeah I’m totally into Carney being a dick. At least he’s honest even if he is petty.

  7. The guys in Nickelback always wear the awesomest jeans in their press photos. They must have a sweet deal with Guess or Levis or something. Cool jeans. Cool band. hehe.

  8. I get where people are coming from about saying Carney not needing to say anything… I completely disagree.

    This is ABSOLUTELY necessary right now. We’ve been quiet for so long and we’ve seen everything that should be important to us taken over by generic label made garbage. Bands should be held accountable, when Kings Of Leon put out an album that is obviously mainstream-striving Nickleback-inspired crap we should hold them accountable rather than sticking our noses in the air and saying “well they are THEIR band now” (Their meaning mainstream mass-media no-flavor culture).

    Without getting too up in arms about the whole thing we should be making an effort to take the one thing that should be ours back. Nickleback epitomizes everything that is wrong with music they should be taking shots from every band I’m gladfThe Black Keys haven’t bought-in enough to remain silent.

    • Or you could just not listen to them? I don’t get this whole “we gotta take ‘em down!” mentality. Since the dawn of American pop music, there has been and always will be very popular craptacular music. The average person just wants something easy to listen to or something they can “rock out” to, or maybe even something they can just ignore, and they probably don’t much care for the art of it. That’s what makes indie music special. Most people aren’t going to “wake up and smell the coffee” because they just don’t give a shit, and I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty exhausting (and kind of fruitless) to try and make them give a shit.

      Maybe I’m just cynical in my old age.

  9. Somewhere there’s a Nickelback fan who is really passionate about pencils. Nothing turns that person on more than discovering a new pencil that offers them a different experience that what they’re familiar with, or slipping into the groove of a pencil type they love with some easily digestible modern hard rock playing in the background. Nothing frustrates that person more than watching the general public snatching up regular old boring pencils when there’s so much diversity out there.

    Some people like ballet, some knitting, some baking, some wine. Everyone likes music.
    Hopefully 2012 will be the year people who don’t like Nickelback stop talking about Nickelback. It’s so boring now.

    • Yeah I hear what you’re saying but I absolutely disagree.

      This is COMPLETELY necessary – I’ve been quiet for too long and I’ve seen everything that should be important to me taken over by generic name brand trash. Pencil retailers should be held accountable. When Grand and Toy sells a General Pencil inc. 7B that is clearly just a knockoff W Staedtler, we should hold them accountable, instead of just sucking it up and saying “whatever, it’s just a pencil” (“Just” meaning “i’m doodling a picture of a cock-and-balls on a post it note, what difference does it make what pencil I use?)

      • That G&T General 7B epitomizes _everything_ that is wrong with pencils. They should be taking shots from every pencil user. I’m glad you haven’t bought-in enough to remain silent.

  10. I hope Carney’s not falling into the “I’m famous, now I’m gonna start pulling dick moves” trap. But then, even though it was an unwarranted cheap shot, he does have a point. Nickelback are the worst.

    Anyway, Nickelback look like blind, futuristic supervillains in that photo, so thanks for that.

  11. Man, where can I get sweet, sweet sunglasses like that?

  12. On the whole, Carney is right. Musically the public IS lazy and don’t do much to try and explore the options available to them aside from 90% the crap that major labels peddle as music.

    In other words, it’s not Nickleback’s fault they sell millions of records, it’s the publics fault for liking shitty music.

  13. Also sometimes Chad Kroeger’s hair looks like a Cocker Spaniel’s ears. Hope that helps!

  14. Damn that photo, way worst than being rickrolled.

  15. It wasn’t like Carney was issuing a statement to the media claiming that Nickelback is the worst band, he was just talking casually with the interviewer and stating his opinion. Yea maybe the tactful thing to do would have been to say nothing (I mean stating that NIckelback is “sh*t” is kind of redundant :P) but that’s what he thinks and I agree with Patrick. I mean just cuz we don’t like Nickelback doesn’t mean legit big bands also don’t also see it the same way.

  16. nickelback u suck ballz please stop making music go under a rock and die!!!

  17. I didn’t know Dax Shepard was in nickelback.

  18. I got rickrolled in the hardest way when i clicked photograph. i blew it.

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