tUnE-yArDs on Kimmel

Merrill Garbus’s late night TV debut, on Fallon last summer with the Roots at her back, was probably the 11th Best Late Night TV Performance of 2011. Those who complained of her omission from that list will be particularly interested in this post, where they can happily watch tUnE-yArDs do Kimmel with two songs (“Bizness” and “You Yes You”) and also angrily remind us at how bad we are at making lists. Everyone wins! But yeah, Merrill has incorporated some more traditionally feminine LA glamour to her aboriginal chic, and it’s a nice look to accompany her typically tenacious loop/sung uke funk. Check it:

Comments (10)
  1. The awkwardness of that audience participation…

  2. …as good as the videos are I can’t help but be filled with an unnerving desire to be refreshed.

  3. Great!

  4. Holy hell, that ‘Bizness’ started off awkward, but eventually got great.

  5. i wonder which beer giant sponsored this??

  6. The jumping was kinda silly.

  7. Nice to see a performer with such unforced energy and enthusiasm.

  8. Even Nickelback gets better audiences than this.

  9. i ,like this song

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