At The Drive-In

Well, we sure as hell didn’t see this coming. As Consequence Of Sound points out, the amazing livewire ’90s/early-’00s Texan post-hardcore band At The Drive-In are back together and ready to make noise again. In the wake of the badass 2000 album Relationship Of Command, the band went on indefinite hiatus, spinning off into component parts the Mars Volta and Sparta. But now they’ve got a Twitter, and today the Twitter posted this missive: “¡ ATTENTION ! To whom it may concern: AT THE DRIVE-IN will be breaking their 11 year silence THIS STATION IS …NOW…OPERATIONAL.” We don’t have any news yet on what the band’s reunion plans might be, but I wouldn’t bet against a Coachella appearance.

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  1. This station is now operational! …oh, they beat me to it. Damn.

  2. Coachella’s large sack of money strikes again.

  3. Best. Day. Ever!

  4. good way to start 2012

  5. This is a really great news!!!


  7. Takin’ a Tebow knee right now.

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  9. i demand that refused get their own news-of-reunion post on stereogum as well

  10. Such an epic, epically awesome band. I’m not sure how good this will be considering how much time has passed, but wow were they great when they were originally together. Relationship of Command was a landmark album for me.

  11. Two awesome reunions in one day, and Tony Iommi has cancer? Im mixed with emotions…

  12. Does this mean no more shitty Mars Volta and Sparta albums? Those two bands are the opposite of how parts of Minor Threat and Rites of Spring formed the almighty Fugazi because neither band could gel on their own (MV and Sparta that is).

    • I always thought that this was so obvious. As At The Drive In, they were able to temper each other perfectly, but they were unchecked as Mars Volta and Sparta. It’s like super-group in reverse.

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