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Coachella just posted this year’s lineup on its Facebook and Twitter. Headliners for the double weekend festival are Black Keys (Friday), Radiohead (Saturday), and Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg (Sunday). Even more exciting are the acts highlighting the Recently Reunited undercard: At The Drive-In, Refused, Mazzy Star, and Pulp. This year’s event goes down April 13-15 and April 20-22, so double your sunscreen budget.

Who are you most excited to see? And if you’d like to compare to previous years’: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

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  1. Girls, Bon Iver, M. Ward, Pulp, Real Estate and Yuck. I’ve seen some of the rest already.

  2. Meanwhile, on the East Coast, I’m crying.

  3. Stuck in Florda. Urgh, to see Jeff Mangum live…..this is the year to go.

  4. 1-9-12

    The day my mind exploded

  5. Is Egypt 80 the second coming of Tahiti 80?

    • I smell a “who’s on first” style comedy routine here:

      “Oh hey I’m going to Coachella to see my favourite band Dear Hunter.”
      “Cool! you like Deerhunter? Me too!”
      “No, Dear Hunter. And then I’m going to check out the Black Keys”
      “Oh I love Nickleback”
      “No, I said the Black Keys,”
      “Yeah. Nickelback…”

  6. Cat Power! I’m there.

  7. Certain names are not as big as I would like.

  8. I just popped a boner for Jeff Mangum

  9. everybody you should all thumbs up this comment, so that I can get into steroegum’s worst/best comments, thank you!

  10. So is “Wolf Gang” odd future? Frank Ocean’s the same day…

  11. Saturday’s the best day, I don’t care what you say.

    There’s my rhyme for the day.

  12. Holy shit Refused

  13. Holy crap! Why can’t Lollapalooza’s lineup look like this?

  14. Obligatory post about how the lineup “sucks”

  15. Brownie points to me for predicting Death Grips.

  16. Buzzcocks???

    BUZZCOCKS !!!!!!!????

  17. After the seed of Fiona Apple was planted in the fake version, this never could have measured up.

  18. Refused!?! That is a completely random choice, but I am so excited to see them. This is definitely revenge of the 90s with Refused, At the Drive-in, Jeff Magnum, and Pulp

  19. Pulp. Mazzy Star.

    • Love Mazzy Star, but listening to, and watching them play is completely different. They barely wowed in a 400 capacity room with great sound years ago….mainly because they all seemed bored as hell on stage. I doubt that part is gonna have changed sadly.

      PULP should be amazing to see on the other hand.

  20. Squeeze for the win. I’ll bring my dad.

  21. This lineup is ridiculously awesome. Sunday is a bit weak but oh well. April can’t come soon enough!

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  24. Buzzcocks. Bold that shit.

    Anyway, Friday looks fucking sick. It starts strong as shit.

  25. God, this is the best festival lineup I’ve ever seen. I wish anywhere even remotely close to California =(

  26. OMG! Feed me, Noisia, M83, Flying lotus, Zeds Dead, Borgore, Flux Pavilion, Justice. I am definitively going!!!

  27. Ummm… where’s Lana Del Rey?

  28. has there ever been another festival in this format. kind of bizaare if you think about it. Radiohead play the 14th, then stay in Indio for a week? And just rest up, and then a week later they play again on the same bill as the week before?

  29. I have to stop being underage and living in Canada.

  30. I’m stoked and would be going no matter what since I already bought the ticket but I seem to be the only one who is a little underwhelmed by the lineup. Sunday seems to lack sub-headliners I’m personally excited to see besides Beirut. Plus I can already see a scheduling conflict where I miss out on one of Real Estate, Metronomy, First Aid Kit or Wild Beasts. I’m also a huge Black Keys but everyone who has been to Coachella has most likely seen them. This will be my 4th time seeing them there, I guess I just expected more since they have tickets being sold for two weekends now. No matter what Its worth the total price for just the camping on site and one day of the music.

  31. Same goodness year after year. Are people still surprised how good Coachella is?

    • to be honest, not at all… it’s so consistently incredible that i don’t even react to the lineup anymore. saw all the names and thought, “yep, sounds about right.” if i were going, of course, i’m sure my excitement level would be a bit higher.

  32. There also seems to be 15 or so less bands so maybe they add another band or two.

  33. weird not seeing arcade fire, or vamp weekend

  34. There will be additions.

    • Stone Roses was the big rumor right? That sure would make up for Dre & Snoop Dogg headlining on Sunday.

      • i dont know about that, Roses never were exactly a punk rock explosion live…and hearing all The Chronic stuff live has gotta be fun, not that i wouldn’t love to hear a Roses greatest hits collection live, something i never thought would ever happen.

  35. lol coachella website is down for me….

  36. has anyone ever greyhounded it to indio? i know its sort of in the middle of nowhere like the gorge or something, so i heard you cant get a bus directly to indio or something. so that would be a pain for someone like me who doesnt drive. i get why these festivals are usually in deserted out of the way places, but its also somewhat a hassle for someone like me. And in terms of the lineup, does anyone else feel like David Guetta is involved in a game of this thing is not like the others? he may be good but its like seeing Gaga on the bill or something.

    • theres greyhound in indio usually greyhound offers special coachella fares on that week so you might have to book early. I know someone who spent under 50 bucks for a round fare from LA to Indio and back again but that was a couple years ago.

  37. Thundercat is one word. And why the fuck is he so tiny??

  38. yeah alot of those acts in small print its shocking they arent in bold. kendrick lamar, dawes, neon indian, Flylo, Asap, Kaiser, destroyer, laura marling, tuneyards, company flow

  39. I hate living in Kansas.

  40. Where s The fucking Stone Roses???? they should be headlining 3 nights!!!!!


  41. REFUSED!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

    Also, At The Drive-In – how funny – I was randomly going through The Mars Volta’s albums recently for the first time in years, and then, BAM, today ATDI get back together and are on the list!

    • Yeah if I can’t get a ticket I will be pissed. I didn’t listen to “The Shape of Punk to Come” until they were already in the process of calling it quits. I can’t believe I’ll actually get to see them live.


  43. does this lineup look really house/techno heavy to anyone else?

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  45. PULP! Finally! This made my night!

  46. AT THE DRIVE-IN!!!!!

  47. Madness, I’m telling you!


  48. I may have to make trip just to see The Weeknd……. Y’all sleeping on him.

  49. Fri: SHM
    Sat: Radiohead
    Sun: The Weeknd, #1 spot.

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