Van Halen - "Tattoo" Video

Last week, Van Halen announced plans for a reunion tour and a new album — their first with original frontman David Lee Roth since 1984. And now we’ve got the no-frills video for their new single “Tattoo.” The band recorded the black-and-white clip at the Roxy in L.A. last week. Don’t expect any little-kid versions of the band members, or anthropomorphic dancing hamburgers; this is a strictly performance-only affair. In the video, Diamond Dave shows that he’s as great a dancer and as big a ham as he ever was, though he’s slightly less interested in accurately lip-syncing. As for the song itself, it’s got a fun EVH guitar solo, but it’s otherwise total bathroom-break material on that forthcoming tour. Check it out below.

(via Rolling Stone)

Van Halen’s A Different Kind Of Truth is out 2/7 on Interscope.

01. “Tattoo”
02. “She’s The Woman”
03. “You And Your Blues”
04. “China Town”
05. “Blood And Fire”
06. “Bullethead”
07. “As Is”
08. “Honeybabysweetiedoll”
09. “The Trouble With Never”
10. “Outta Space”
11. “Stay Frosty”
12. “Big River”
13. “Beats Workin’”

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  1. this definitely exists


  3. Did DLR say he has a horcrux on the back of his leg at the 30 second mark? I guess Voldemort still has some power left until Michael Anthony slays Diamond Dave with the sword of gryffindor.

  4. I really wanted this to be good, but it was just underwhelming. Congrats to Tom on being able to write so much about 4:43 of nothing.

  5. Darn! David Lee Roth should have gotten his head shaven of capillary implants.

  6. Darn! David Lee Roth should have gotten his head shaven INSTEAD of capillary implants.

  7. This sounds like Deep Purple’s Bananas…a whole lot about nothing. It’s aging rock stars going through the motions. Eddie hardly looks like he cares. Back in high school when I was just discovering Van Halen I might have cared about this reunion. Now I feel like it would just depress me.

    • I agree. This will likely be the “last reunion” because after this no one will want to see them. Hopefully they at least close out the tour without having to cancel shows!

  8. I seriously hope “Show me your dragon magic/ Sexy Dragon magic” becomes a thing.

  9. That was a waste of 2 minutes. 15 years too late, y’all.

  10. In a perfect world, they’d play strictly Van Hagar-era material all tour, inciting riots at every venue.

  11. my god! this sounds like…i don’t even know what. Was it even in tune?

  12. I like the Roth isn’t even trying to sing any more.

  13. The bridge is nice and catchy…the rest sounds pretty disjointed. The bass player looks like he walked in off the street.

  14. I believe that bass player is Wolfgang Van Halen.

  15. the bass player is wolf gang van halen…the only teenager in america who wants to be in his dad’s band.

  16. And… this is pretty good. Too bad the doors for Michael Anthony are closed forever.

  17. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • All due respect, but you really need to get out more.

      Check out Black Country Communion. Geez. Even recent Deep Purple is great.

      Compare this tune to any of the earlier VH.

      There is none.

  18. “Show me your dragon magic/So very autobiographic”

    “Swap meet Sally/Tramp stamp tat/Mousewife to bombshell in the time it took to get that new tattoo”

    “Purple mountain’s majesty/Really talk to me/Talk to me, babe.”

    Nuff said.

  19. I’d rather listen to this than the crap Hagar is doing with Chickenfoot.

  20. I really like Eddie’s playing, but damn, that tune sucked. Are VH restricted to songs that Wolfie is able to play? I’ve never been a huge Roth fan, but now he sounds worse than ever. Again, the lame song doesn’t help…

  21. It ain’t just because we are “old guys” that we say this latest version of VH isn’t even close to the original.
    It really bums me to no end to see Ed’s chubby kid playing with them. They could have had ANY bass player in the world. This poor kid has no stage presence, little ability, nothing to bring to the table.
    Michael Anthony is a fantastic bass player and vocalist. He managed to add so much to the VH sound, complimenting Ed while being locked in with Alex, while adding those high background vocals that were a huge part of their sound.
    Of course, Wolfgang brings none of this. He’s getting a lot of slack because he’s Eddie’s kid, but that doesn’t go far with me, and a lot of others I hear.

  22. This sounds like a Tin Machine outtake.

  23. They should have just taken it down a notch and recorded a nice gritty, bluesy album with the trademark sounds of Roth and Eddies guitar whirls and blippy fretting in and throughout. Instead, they’re parading around in a video like MTV’s debuted their video on Headbangers Ball with Ricky Rachtman. Its quite sad…

  24. As a fan who once worshipped at the Van Halen altar, I think my er, younger self would’ve lapped this up no matter what. The reality is different though. 10 years ago even 5, these guys wouldn’t have got a record deal. So why now? Is the music industry turning into the film industry? A franchise, familiar product; or is it simply that that Chickenfoot crunched some units and they expect VH to come in on the back of it? I dunno. Hey, I’m all for reunions. If they still got it, it works. Look at Jane’s Addiction, the Pumpkins, even the Stone Roses are going for it. Sadly, Van Halen don’t have it no more. One thing Eddie V ran out of was RIFFS a long, long time ago. Like Keef he was a human-riff. Yeah, his solo in this song is excellent, the drums sound good….but that’s it. The song is lightweight. It’s a B-side, at best. I do hope the album gives them one last dance in the big spotlight….they deserve it. I’m not holding my breath though.

    • I totally agree with the heavy-hearted post above. I really am hoping for one last fun romp from these boys cuz they are really the first band that (besides the Stones, of course) opened my ears to the glory of rock. Christ, Eddie was the reason I started smoking! But, as you grow up you realize the obvious…smoking is bad for you and corporate funded youth starved reunions are, too.

  25. I think everyone of you people are F*#king nuts. If you were actually a fan of Van Halen at one time it would surprise me. All I heard is negative bullshit. What the hell did you morons expect? I know my opinion doesn’t matter much, but, I AM a VAN HALEN fan. I will always be. I don’t care if every song on the new cd is and old unreleased song. That makes it even better. One thing all you idiots have proven to me is that opinions are like assholes….everybody’s got one. I look forward to getting this new cd because I’m a true fan and I don’t go around stabbing people, that I’ve loved for years, in the back.
    Everyone that is a “TRUE FAN” will be excited to get this cd. I’m one of them. So…all you back stabbers can go F*#k yourselves. That means you too Sammy Hagar!

    • I expected some refreshing and new but with the old grit. Not a 57 year old lead singer boppin around like he’s recording a new video for ‘Jump’ with a rock God guitarist who looks like he just pulled another tooth out with pliers cuz he and his brother just downed another case of PBR.

      • It’s obvious that you aren’t a TRUE VAN HALEN FAN. So….they didn’t excite you!?! You better lay off the crack you fool!

        • You are one turd in a whole sea of shit. Do you think Van Halen even knows you exist? Sounds to me like you are just a F*#king bum with nothing better to do. You will get old one day, but you probably won’t look near as good as those guys do! You are truely a sickalien.

        • Grow up you hateful old fool. Just because some old Van Halen fans think that they’re past it and no longer relevant….but wish them all the best….you seem to think we’re turds and Crack smokers and whatnot… nobody allowed to express an opinion that doesn’t correspond with yours? Obviously not. Go buy the album, check out the tour and I hope you have a wonderful time….just stop embarrassing yourself with your over-the-top sentimental bigotry. It really makes you look an ugly, sad human being inside,Mr Jamie Simpson.

  26. I refuse to watch this unless David Lee Roth is in a leotard doing jumpkicks.

  27. I can’t help but wonder what Nerf Herder would say about this.

  28. I just realized this sounds a lot like The Special Goodness “Life Goes By”. Not sure if I can post youtube links but here ya go

  29. Ha Ha this is absolute Shit! Anyone taking up for this doesnt know shit about good music, let the train wreck begin!

  30. I´m a big VH fan (I even bought the one with Gary Cherone and tried to listen to it more than once when it first came out) I think they want to be VH from the 80´s and that is simply imposible. The last best VH song was Me Wise Magic, it was fresh, loud, dark, powerful. This one is just disappointing.

  31. the episode of Who’s the Boss where Tony Danza gets back together with his doo-wop group from high school was a more exciting reunion than this.

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