Real Estate - "Easy" (Starring Gabe Delahaye)

The band Real Estate have an album called Days out on Domino records. You will know this very clearly after watching the Tom Scharpling-directed video for its breezy jam “Easy,” which features a classy van driven by the Domino Records in-house street team of comedian Chris Gethard and Videogum’s Gabe Delahaye. (Full Disclosure: I have pet Gabe Delahaye’s dog in real life. JEALOUS?) Since our objectivity is lost given that casting, it’s safe to say this video is an unmitigated classic of the comedic variety and one that will live on in our hearts and at least on the internet forever, but casting aside, it is still objectively full of Lots Of Love.

Shhhh. Just listen:

More notes on the casting: Chris Gethard who convincingly plays an illiterate in this video, is actually an accomplished author who is currently promoting his new book A Bad Idea I’m About To Do by calling out famous authors on YouTube. (Here he takes on Kurt Vonnegut.) The DJ is played by rea life DJ and indie wit Jake Fogelnest, the street team is rounded out by Leah Giblin, and this video’s story and direction represents another notch in Tom Scharpling’s considerable video story and direction/life winning streak. Also, spoiler alert: This is not the only music video starring Gabe on tap for Q1 ’12. It is the spring of his content.

Real Estate has an album that is out on a label. Following “It’s Real,” it would appear the band has locked up another Video Of The Week, though in fairness there is literally no way for us to know that for sure with so many days left in the week. It’ll be exciting to find out what happens!

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  1. Gabe Delahaye more like Gabe AStarIsBornahaye!

  2. Came for video star Gabe, staying for more Real Estate. I like it.

  3. Another day, another winning video from Tom Scharpling. I’d like to see him make a video that isn’t funny for once.

    Sidenote: I think the reason I never achieved blogger writer stardom is because my name is too generic. “Gabe,” “Corban,” “Amrit” — I would not doubt that even “Tom”‘s full name is actuially “Tomanascious IV.” Thanks for setting me up for failure from the start, mom and dad!

  4. Gabe looks great!

  5. This song is forever indebted to Moose’s “The Only Man in Town.” In fairness, though, the videos for the two songs appear to be nothing alike:

  6. Tom Scharpling is like the new Spike Jonze. Every video he touches is classic.

  7. Gabe is our generation’s Alicia Silverstone.

  8. Where can I get that Street Team hoodie?!?! Seriously though, I would pay huge money for one.

  9. “I’m home” hahahahaha

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