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Earlier today, Van Halen released the video for “Tattoo,” their first song with David Lee Roth since those cuts from Best Of Volume I. But as it turns out, that new song might not actually be a new song. According to Rolling Stone, former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar, the guy who replaced Roth when he parted ways with the band, claims that the forthcoming album A Different Kind Of Truth is made up of songs that the band wrote back in the early days: “Ed and Dave didn’t actually write new songs. They took old stuff from previous sessions, and then maybe Dave had to go in and add vocals because they just had scat vocals, or even no vocal part at all.”

When the band announced the new-album plans with a quick set at New York’s Café Wha?, they debuted a song called “She’s The Woman,” which actually appeared on a 1976 demo. And as some fans have noticed, “Tattoo” sounds pretty similar to “Down In Flames,” a song the band played live but never recorded. Below, listen to “Tattoo” back-to-back with a version of “Down In Flames” that they played on New Year’s Eve in 1977.

“Down In Flames”:


So very autobiographic!

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  1. So if it were true that these songs were 35+ years old, quite possibly without any new vocal work from Lee Roth…. that would only indicate the likelihood of this album actually being GOOD.

  2. They trying to be truly hip with all these indie bands and decided to take a song from decades ago and re-imagine and re-package it. No big deal. (here come the downvotes)

  3. ” their first song with David Lee Roth since 1984. ”

    How could you forget the dulcet tones of “Me Wise Magic” from the 1996 Best Of album?

  4. I have filed this away in my brain under “Give a Shit About, Things About Which I Do Not.”

  5. I honestly can’t decide if this is better or worse than if they had just written some new songs.

  6. I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise!

  7. Does this song suck: yes.

    After 35+ years, do all bands/artists write a song (or songs) that sound like an old song of theirs: yes.


  8. tried comparing these and then realized halfway through that all Van Halen songs sound alike. Hi Alex!

  9. Nothing wrong with finishing older songs that were never released way back when, to me. If we were talking 12 tracks that were just new takes on “Jump” and “Runnin’ With The Devil”, that’d be something different.

  10. the song may be 35 years old, but they sound like a bunch of 12 year olds singing it.

  11. A Van Halen rehash isn’t exactly new. See “Jump” guitar outro and the main riff on “Top of the World.”

  12. van stealin hahahahahahahahahaha1!!!!!!

  13. VAgue Halenly familiar

  14. new? having an album containing songs 35+ years old.. with a lack of new vocal work?… sounds like Van Halen is releasing a B-Sides album. Older Van Halen fans will most likely appreciate it more than the younger generation of fans. Hopefully they can pack Chicago’s United Center and put on a decent show.

  15. this song makes me wanna be bald.

  16. I’d compare, I really would, but I can’t make it through a minute of either. I’ll take your word for it.

  17. “Swap-meet Sally”? I thought these lyrics sounded dated… I thought it was because they’re so old.

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