To many of us, this year’s Coachella lineup looks like the best thing the festival has put together in ages. Radiohead! Dre and Snoop! So many ’90s-band reunions! A rare live show from the Weeknd! There’s just a lot to like. Diplo, however, does not agree.

As Pitchfork points out, Diplo went in on the festival’s plans in a Tweet that’s since been deleted: “maybe im just throwing shade but coachsmella looks pretty lame this year.. u used to be a place to check out new bands/music.” He went on to write, “besides snoop and dre thats boss shit right there” and “its like bootleg ultra w a few bands that are ’safe’.” Admittedly, the lineup does have its share of predictable indie bands and cheesed-out Euro-dance superstars, but those things have their place, too.

After a night of (I’m sure) quiet reflection, Diplo offered this addendum: “Why Whenevr I talk shit its a headline? #coolstorybro”

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  1. He’s just mad he’s not playing. Smh

  2. Cool Tweet Bro. It’s a headline, Diplo, because you’re (sadly) relevant and your opinion on Coachella is just as relevant because everyone else loves the line-up.

  3. Go back to texting on your blackberry dude.

  4. I wondered how Switch will stand his rudeness for so long…. I’ll be pleased to see Major Lazer on the next split list!!

  5. Who is Diplo?

  6. What’s a Diplo? Is it cheap chewing tobacco?

  7. coachsmella… good one.

  8. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Jan 11th, 2012 0

    breaking news…diplo tweets that he thinks coachella lineup is lame…wait this is breaking news?

  9. What a dork.

  10. From reactions I’ve read across the web, the people who go to Coachella for electronic / dance music are pretty disappointed this year because it doesn’t feature the drugged-out flavor of the moment DJs and musicians you’d typically find in the dance tent. Sorry Diplo, but it’s not our fault you can’t appreciate the past in order to appreciate the future (which means you must not have any clue who bands like Yuck and EMA are.) I’m sure if it were up to you, you’d have fellow irrelevant music-makers MIA and Die Antwoord on the top lines.

    If there’s anything to complain about this year (which there should not be,) it’s that Black Sabbath couldn’t headline due to the Tommy Iommi’s lymphoma:

  11. “Why Whenevr I talk shit its a headline? #coolstorybro”

    As much as I love talking shit about everybody and everything, you should know not to do that when people are actually listening.

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    • “Who cares about the 90s reunion bands.”

      But you’re excited for Yuck? The Yuck who sounds like they were carved straight out of the early-to-mid 90s indie sound?

  13. So he complains that the lineup doesn’t have enough new artists… And then the only artists he big ups are a couple of guys in their 40s?


  14. can’t tell from that picture whether he’s trying to be a Backstreet Boy or Vanilla Ice

  15. He’s just a knock-off of the real thing. LEGO forever!

  16. Dear Diplo,

    Remember 2004? I do.

    I was bright-eyed and clueless about any music that wasn’t Radiohead. I didn’t even know what the words “music scene” even meant. But there I was, standing on the Empire Polo Fields with the sun beating down on me, wondering what I should do to kill time until Radiohead played.

    So I decided to wonder over to the Sahara Tent to “check out new bands/music” — I’d never been a fan of “DJs” per se, but I told my sister that I’d meet up with her later while I went and saw “Diplo”

    I remember coming in on the end of your set. You were mashing up Outkast’s “B.O.B.” and The Cure’s “Lovesong”. Hey that’s neat! The Cure were headlining the second day of Coachella! And who doesn’t know Outkast? It was a pleasant surprise to find some music I recognized at 2pm in California.

    I know you remember that set. It was probably a pretty great moment in your career. Your name – Diplo – was on the Coachella line-up. You weren’t even hiding behind a silly moniker like Major Lazer. It was YOU man, so you.

    But that was eight years ago. I see you’re an author now? Or does your free Blackberry take pictures? I saw that commercial you were in bro! Commercial Appeal. I bet some people saw that commercial and “discoverd” a new band/DJ/what.are.you.bro?

    My Point: Don’t bash Coachella, you got history. Bash Bonnapoo.


    p.s. Sit Down, Man.

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  18. Diplo simply cannot read that frustratingly tiny poster font and thus does not think any new bands are playing Coachella. In his defense, I wouldn’t consider Radiohead or the Black Keys new per se.

  19. Diplo’s greatest achievement are the songs he produced on M.I.A.’s arular and kala, when blaring horns, chinese dragons, and a person to place his headphones on for him weren’t necessary.

    y is whnevr i speak u all haterz b hatin

  20. … he doesn’t like the lineup why is this news?

  21. Because he is dangerous.

  22. Guy’s got a point. Snoop hasn’t made good music since ’95. Every festival reaches the point where it just jumps the shark.

  23. “coachsmella”

    Coachella gonna need an anti-septic wipe for that burn.

  24. But, like, I’d bet there are quite a few bands this year that a majority of all music listeners have never heard of. Then there’s another good chunk that geeky indie people have heard of. Then there’s another section of bands that some people know, but aren’t “famous”, household name types. After that is a group that a lot of people know by name, but probably haven’t seen live.

    Everything I just said goes for the reunion bands, too. I tried to explain to some friends how excited I was to see fIREHOSE and they were like, “who?”

    At the very top there’s a few well-known acts, including the headliners, which is necessary in order to make sure they can sell enough tickets to pay the, like, 100 or so other bands you get to see. Diplo is being diptarded. This IS the best line-up in quite some time. Other than a few unnecessary (and weak) dubstep acts its one of their best. Just weight until its over and people are talking about how great it was.

  25. Shitballs… just wait. I meant just wait. Heh. Proofreading is your friend, kids!

  26. Funny how he chooses the 2 people who don’t even create their own music as his favourite acts. Smh

  27. Bitchin. So thanks for letting us know you don’t like the lineup Diplo. Either way, i’m gonna have a lot of fun and see a lot of good bands play there.

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