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The Justin Vernon media takeover continues. On February 4 — eight days before they’re slated to appear at the Grammy Awards — Bon Iver will serve as musical guests on Saturday Night Live, playing as a full nine-piece band. A press release claims that they’ll stick to songs from Bon Iver, Bon Iver, which sadly means they probably won’t do the Bonnie Raitt cover. So what songs should they do? “Holocene” and “Calgary” seem like the safe bets, but what do you want to hear? (Incidentally, Zooey Deschanel makes her hosting debut the following week.)

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  2. First song “Beth,” second song “Rest.”

  3. The “Beth/Rest” piano version would be really great, but I doubt that’ll happen.

  4. they should play a cover of the Lonely Island/Incredibad.

  5. Their next single is Towers, so that’d probably be good.

  6. It’ll probably be Holocene and Towers, but I’d really love to see Perth.

  7. Both songs Lisbon, OH.

  8. Perth would be the bravest, in my opinion.

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  10. Of course, Towers and Holocene would make the most sense but they may switch it up and play Calgary and Holocene. The funny thing is Justin probably won’t even have to change the lyrics because most won’t even notice that he’s saying the F-word. I know I didn’t

  11. WHO CARES what they’re going to play!

    The REAL question is how can they use Justin Vernom in a skit?…. To the brainsquashing room!

    • Spin off version of Adele office crying skit BUT with people contemplating the beauty of this world while listening to Holocene in very inappropriate places.

      Jay Pharoah does a Kanye impression with a rap based on his latest twitter rampage. JV does a guest verse.

      JV improvs with Garth and Kat during Weekend Update.

      Celebrity impressions montage for Valentine’s Day. JV does Willie Nelson!

      So many possibilities!

  12. I kinda wish they’d play the whole Perth/MI Wisconsin bit uninterrupted, but I know that’ll never happen. :/

    I’m excited for it all the same. I’d say Towers and Holocene are a safe bet.

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