Watch The Trailer For The LCD Soundsystem Doc

On Jan. 22, Sundance will premiere Shut Up And Play The Hits, a documentary chronicling the final days of LCD Soundsystem as well as their final show at Madison Square Garden. Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace direct, so I’m guessing they’ll just split whatever the director’s per-ticket cut is as soon as I can go and pay to see this thing. Watch the trailer down below.

Here’s the official website.

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  1. Goddammit, as if I need another reminder of what I missed…

  2. is that the voice of chuck klosterman?

  3. i hope there’s some sasquatch footage in there. LCD at the gorge was hands-down one of the best times of my life. so much so that i would later pay $100 for the show poster and have it shipped to me from europe… it was a real bitch to hunt that thing down.

  4. Saw LCD on their final tour. Absolutely untouchable. The energy and the sound was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Such a vacuum in electronic music with Murphy gone. I like Hot Chip quite a bit, but Junior Boys, Cut Copy and even Holy Ghost are completely interchangeable to me. Nice, but sort-of blah electronic music.

  5. Chances of the Aziz crowdsurf making its way into the final cut?

    • How could it not be?

      I made a whole trip to NY to see the last two shows and never once regretted any part of it. It was beautiful week, two incredible shows.

      I know they’re putting this out and then a full recording of the show, I wonder which one Spike Jonze was involved with. This looks like it was shot on the 7D and that’s what Jonze was carrying around the whole night. He was also interviewing people in MSG’s lobby before the show.

  6. The film nobody wanted – a documentary on the end of LCD Soundsystem :(

  7. Fuck, man. I was trying to figure out how to respond to this, but gah, I just fucking can’t because I’m speechless. LCD has that much sway over my emotional state.

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