At some point, pretty much every American punk band has to cover the Misfits. It’s practically a requirement. My own high school band only played two shows, but we still found time to put together a “Last Caress” cover. And we might’ve also done “Teenagers From Mars” too? I forget.

Anyway, Wavves have just gone through that particular rite of passage. Nathan Williams posted a lo-fi, clappy rendition of “Hybrid Moments” on his Twitter “as a tribute to the band,” and you can download it below.

(via Nathan Williams’s Twitter)

Now that I think of it, Williams could probably pull of a devillock, which makes me wonder why he isn’t attempting to pull off a devillock.

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  1. I’m lukewarm on Wavves (sorry) but it’s a good cover.

    Although, I think it’s good because the song itself is SOOO good that it’s tough for anyone to sound bad when they’re covering it (not an invitation, btw).

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