This last year has been very good to Friends: The Bushwick band earned their BTW in April; they went big in October compliments of the “I’m His Girl” video and a hailed CMJ; and have 2012 all teed up with a debut LP on the way and a warm embrace from the UK via the NME, and via the Elton John, who insisted they attend his holiday party because that is a thing Elton John does to fashionable young things from NYC/Eminem. You learn about the holiday party thing during Friends Samantha Urbani and Matthew Molinar’s chat in this recent BBC Maida Vale session, which is essentially a DJ-prompted roll call of the notable points along their buzz chart ending with the treat of the net debut of their prototypically post-disco slinker “A Thing Like This.” Forward to seven minutes on this embed and enjoy:

Friends – Maida Vale Session by disconaivete
(via DN)

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  1. Wooo, new Friends and new Bear in Heaven on the same day! ::does a little dance::

  2. wait so did you edit out the bit that said Friends signed to Columbia? is that not official news yet? pretty shocking if u ask me, dont think they belong there. is columbia a new major that suddenly doesnt have the “major label standards” for how many records a band should sell? are they not gonna drop all these indie bands after they dont sell enough records and end their career prematurely? take Cults for instance, just recently they cracked 50K records, i think that is a flop by major label standards isnt it?

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