Coachelllllllla! Are you guys psyched for Coachelllllllla? I think it could use more Dire Straits, but otherwise a very strong lineup featuring some unexpected reunions. Are you going? Which weekend? Where are you staying? Can I crash with you? It’s no surprise that most of this week’s highest and lowest rated comments come from our Coachell(llllll)a thread. Check ’em out below.



Jorge Rodriguez | Jan 9th Score:17

Wow, I did not mean that to come off as douchey as it did.

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#9  fran scene | Jan 9th Score:19

The first concert I ever cried at was the Flaming Lips on New Years at Madison Square Garden…not so much because it was beautiful but because my friend lost our mushrooms.

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#8  tom | Jan 6th Score:19

This is how Patrick Carney reminds them of what they really are.

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Alex Manning | Jan 9th Score:20

As a Californian, please do me a favor and never call it the best coast again. People hate us enough, let’s not deserve it.

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#6  Michael_ | Jan 11th Score:22
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Cary Whitt | Jan 9th Score:24

Hopefully no where near Coachella…

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Michael Robenalt | Jan 9th Score:24

When do The Shins enter ‘can-do-no-wrong’ territory?

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Ben Cornell | Jan 9th Score:33

careful everyone, if you downvote him, HE WILL WIN!

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Trevor Morrison | Jan 9th Score:39

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, I’m crying.

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#1  corban | Jan 9th Score:39

I don’t know what to think until Zach Braff tells me what to think.

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Ali Gonzalez | Jan 9th Score:-12

Saturday and Sunday are My days<3 I was thinking of moving out to New York, but this just reminded me how grateful I am to live in the Best Coast in California! ALSO, this just totally made me reconsider if it's even worth it buying EDC tickets, all the performances I wanted to see there are HERE. And the line-up hasn't even came out for it! ughhh, I fell in love today!

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Timothy Green | Jan 9th Score:-12

I don’t buy any of this. Since when did twitter become such a reliable source for every internet music website to rely on? And just because every other internet music website posts that some other music website reported this… come on people. We have no reliable source here. Something is wrong in the news! Who’s with me?

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Rupesh Patel | Jan 11th Score:-13


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Tim Johnson | Jan 11th Score:-18

I am a huge fan of and I feel that many times, music doesn’t get its due justice when its listened to. The company I work for is having a contest in which they are giving away a pair of Solo HD Beats by Dre headphones. The quality of the headphones really makes listening to music and artists like the Magnetic Fields a richer, and more enjoyable experience. Check out for all the details.

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John Yingling | Jan 9th Score:-24

this blows. yuck. sigh.

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Andrew Futral | Jan 10th Score:9

this definitely exists

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  Zygmunt | Jan 11th Score:2

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  1. I’ll be at Coachella (Weekend One) and I’ll be sure to wear a shirt with my comment board name printed on it with whatever font is trendy come mid-April. God, I hope it’s just not neon colored…

  2. I see now: in the case of a tie, editors get top priority. The house always wins at Stereogum.

  3. Is this the first week a 311 comment didn’t make the top ten?

  4. Wow… this is so unexpected! I’d like to thank Stereogum, my dad’s job for moving my family to the East Coast, my tear ducts for allowing me to cry, my lack of money on account of being a poor college student and of course the academy.

  5. If 311 loses, Abu Nazir wins.

  6. Can we talk about Coachella selling out?

    Waited in a standby line for 3 hours until it popped up with the sold out notice.

    I am hereby officially requesting as many James Van Der Beek crying gifs in reply to this message. Please and thank you Stereogum commenters.

    My heart is breaking.

  7. Sold out already? I was still wondering when tickets went on sale. Both weekends?

  8. “There is no possible way that Coachella could sell out. Just because At The Drive-In is playing, i mean, who didnt see that one coming!? Two weekends… absolutely no way it could sell out”

    -Timothy Green’s comment. Posted on Thursday night.

  9. I always got your back, Stereobros.

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