Sleigh Bells - "Comeback Kid"

Born To Lose” was the first listen, but “Comeback Kid” is being touted as the first official single from Sleigh Bells’ second LP Reign Of Terror. We’re deep enough into Derek Miller’s post-Poison The Well-production output to start tracing shifts and trajectory. So let’s do it! The 2HELLWU demo tracks were pushed into the red, largely, by way of those overdriven guitars; the distorto-pop trope stuck through Treats, now with an elegant splash of studio slickery to reflect the bigger budget and tactful hands at work; and here, on “Comeback Kid,” the guitars are at their most suffused yet, almost textural in relation to, say, “Infinity Guitars.” Derek’s pullback means a brighter light on other corners of the studio, with more space for a sharper focus on Alexis’s pop angle. As it happens, the pop angle is just one of Ms. Krauss’s many good sides. Train your gaze:

Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

Reign Of Terror is out 2/21 via Mom + Pop.

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  2. I really like this one (I’ve had a hard time in the past with this band.) I’m such a sucker for Derek’s ties to Poison the Well alongside all the hardcore imagery that’s been going on with this new album as well. The single’s cover art is violent (reminds me of Alkaline Trio’s Maybe I’ll Catch Fire) and of course, the song title in my mind is a wink to a certain Canadian hardcore band. But it’s pop music, which makes all of this seem wonderfully juxtaposed. I guess I’d rather Sleigh Bells try to look heavy than try to convince me they sound heavy.

  3. I think I like this.

  4. It’s not all that different from what they’ve already done. The guitars are a little less distorted to allow for more of a pop sound, but I think it’s good. I like it.

  5. This is a really smart direction for them. I like that they aren’t completely overhauling their sound. Sleigh Bells are by no means a band that make you think while listening, their pretty immediately just enjoyable, I’m glad they realize their own strong suits.

  6. Liking that guitar.

  7. BRB, gonna go break shit.

  8. i’d rather listen to Wheatus

  9. I suddenly feel a strong urge to listen to

  10. anyone else ready for the inevitable lana del bells mashup of lose to die?

  11. Nice! I think I like this one more than “Born to Lose”… which is a little cheesy but still really fun. And I find it interesting that it seems like they’re going for a bit more of a 90s sound with the guitars on this album.

  12. So far seems like they are headed more towards “Tell Em” and “Kids” with this album and less towards “Infinity Guitars” and “Crown on The Ground” which is 100% fine by me.

  13. This will sound awesome in my car.

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  15. How fucking badass awesome is this. pure joy, exhilaration. I just want this live <3 <3 <3 4EVER!!!!!!!!!

    I want them to get married so bad. Everyone wants these two married. Bang out some kids. kismet. Wedding would be awesome, probably a great playlist.

  16. I’ve missed these two. Fuuuuuck this is delicious.

  17. Guess they gave up on overmodulating everything. Good.

  18. I like Treats better so far but we will see. Sophomore slump can be a bitch.

  19. These two are scary good when they control their chaos…getting tighter, too, which is a refreshing direction when it comes to releasing a sophmore album

  20. How am I supposed to Krump to this?

  21. the electro bleep bloops, the stupid loudness, the cutesy poo voice on top. i hate gimmick bands.
    trust fund kids love them though, so choke on it!

    • Gimmick? How do you figure? you could say that about any band if you define it’s approach or style. idiot.

      I want this track in my blood. send it straight to my D, sleigh berection, and play guitar with it.

      • nah. there’s a difference between gimmicks and having a fluid style. but i’m not gonna teach you the difference, figure it out on your own. you just enjoy your buzz band little boy.

        • I fail to see what’s gimmicky about this. Do they dress like monsters or only sing about Harry Potter related wizardry? Decrying them for being a ‘buzz band’ or putting down others because they like them is ridiculous as well, like it’s somehow bad to enjoy music from a band that gets press. It’s cool if you don’t like it though, pal.

        • You should be proud of yourself. Condescending bs like this is everything that’s wrong with the online music community.

          End of comment.

          • i shouldn’t have called you idiot. sorry.
            you are wrong.

          • I would like to point out that I was actually talking to the “person” who is clearly speaking down to you, sarcastically calling you a “little boy”, pretending he knows more than everyone else on the internet. Anyone who uses ANY “trust fund kids” line as a put down is clearly lacking any kind of common sense, though. How many trust fund kids do you think there are out there? Like, do you actually believe bands are making music with “trust fund kids” in mind? lol

            But yeah, you shouldn’t have called anyone an idiot, either. My two cents, of course.

            Love that I’ve already got a thumbs down, though. Makes me laugh.

          • hey, you took the high road and i think you came out on top.
            and that’s what she said.

            i regret it.

            however, this last post isn’t really coherent. whatevs. hope you forgive/forget.
            never forget.

  22. Love this. Can’t stop playing it actually. And when not playing it I have it stuck on loop in my head.

    Not sure how anybody could say this is more commercial than something like Infinity Guitars. Not likely we’ll be hearing Comeback Kid in any commercials anytime soon.

  23. Billy Blanks should sue her wannabe badass… ass

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