Himanshu - Nehru Jackets

All three members of Das Racist are planning to release solo mixtapes in 2012, and a couple of weeks into the year, two of them have already done it. We’ve already posted The Palm Wine Drinkard, Kool A.D.’s sloppily eclectic tape. And now, we’ve got Nehru Jackets, the new tape from Himanshu Suri, otherwise known as Heems. (It shares a title with Himanshu’s Tumblr.)

Mike Finito produced the entire tape, which features contributions from Childish Gambino, Action Bronson, Fat Tony, Despot, Kool A.D., Lakutis, and others. After the jump, download “You Have To Ride The Wave,” a hard, buzzing collab with Danny Brown and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire.

Download Nehru Jackets here.

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  1. Anyone have any thoughts on the Kool A.D. mixtape? What I heard didn’t sound too great. A little disapointing considering based on pure flow I feel like he is a better rapper than Heems.

    This seems to have a little more potential based on some of the guests and that track “Women” he put out a few months ago.

  2. Kool AD doesn’t give a fuck about anything. His solo tape was shit. “Nehru Jackets” is worlds better. Himanshu is the brains of Das Racist and Kool A.D. is the strung-out heart.

  3. Heems = Parle G kid all growns’d up .

  4. Hearing the punjabi verse on Chakklo fucking blew my mind.

  5. This mixtape is so far one of the strongest releases of 2012. Plus the Danny Brown verse on You Have To Ride The Wave is just….crazy.

  6. Shit! Do you have another link to dowload since megaupload has been seized?

  7. ^what Leslie said

  8. Why is this better than Relax?

  9. Wow. Danny Brown.

  10. So this is who Donald Glover ripped off.

  11. Heems sounds nothing like Donald Glover…at all. Don’t know what you’re smoking brah but let me have some!

    Anyways, as a hardcore Das Racist fan I’ve listened to both mixtapes and this one is BY FAR better. I don’t really like AD’s mixtape that much except for like 3 songs. This on the other hand is brilliant, every song is great. Mike Finito kills the production. BTW for those hating on RElax – i agree it wasn’t what we wanted but promise the new shit is gonna be ill

  12. someone needs to take a super dump on super james’s face for saying that

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