Santigold - "Big Mouth"

This week Santigold played a pair of sold-out shows at Music Hall Of Williamsburg as a way of trumpeting her long-awaited return to the fore. The sets were immaculate and theatrical, smart and silly, and full of the sort of dancehall and dancesteps that’d make Skerrit Bwoy go dagger-up. Directly on their back comes “Big Mouth,” and its video starring Santi and her S1W-ettes, the first single from Master Of My Make-Believe and the first listen of what just became a staple at sceney DJ nights for Q1 ’12. Grab the MP3 for the price of an email over at — the clip, directed by Cody Critcheloe (SSION), is below.

Master Of My Make-Believe is due soon via Downtown/Atlantic.

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  1. Is this about Lady Gaga?

  2. I loved the other Santigold album, but um, this is kind of bad all the way around. It’s a nice Major Lazer impression though.

  3. Looks like her original steez is M.I.A.

  4. I don’t like this at all. Hopefully the rest of the album delivers.

  5. looks like she sunk all her money into the video.

  6. I feel like coloring now.

  7. At least Amadou & Mariamwill never know how awful this video is.

  8. LES Artistes was a fluke, apparently. And Creator was a slightly less impressive one.

  9. I for one think it’s great

  10. oh the new M.I.A. single, oh wait is Santigold!

  11. Is the first verse an intentional cover or a total ripoff of Buraka Som Sistema’s ‘We stay up all night’ ?

  12. Stopped at 0:55.Hate the dancers.

  13. I absolutely love this song and video!

  14. Daniel Restany  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2012 0

    this sounds like a remix of buraka’s single “we stay up all night”. even some of the lrics sound the same

  15. This song can’t touch the epic Lights Out. I have faith and will check out the rest of the album in hopes for another hit for my running mix. Most of my most played list contains tracks I downloaded at

  16. It’s impressive that people on this thread immediately identified other artists whose influence can be heard on “Big Mouth”…artists who, as it turned out, were involved in the creation of said track.

    Some might be tempted to focus on the snarky element of the responses, but not I.

    I say, good work Stereogum commenters – you know your shit!

  17. I love how most people don’t know Buraka Som Sistema when they hear it… especially when it’s a sample of their hit “We Stay Up All Night”, but clearly because it isn’t Lady Gaga copying Madonna no one wants to get it right. BTW if this song is about Lady Gaga good because she sucks and is a complete copy of Madonna, which has been over-exposed and needs to go in the recycling bin. : )

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