Light Asylum - "Skull Fuct"

New Order drum patches, darkwave synths, black and white imagery, and a horse — it’s Shannon Funchess and Brother Bruno’s Light Asylum dream bottled up in a single embed. I suggest putting this on full-screen and turning up the volume while holding your head in your hands and convulsing emotionally if you’d like your co-workers to finally pay attention and ask if everything is OK. It’s darker than Wikipedia. (SOPA JOKES.) Directed by Emilxa Xuryłowicz and Cezary Zacharewicz:

(via disconaivete)

This one comes from the great In Tension EP, one of our favorites of 2011, via Mexican Summer. Light Asylum’s will have a full-length LP out on the same label sometime before the world ends.

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  1. The drums are so similar to Portishead’s ‘Machine Gun’ that I’m still trying to work out if it’s a sample which is a little embarrassing but overall I really like this.

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