It’s Thursday afternoon, time to take a look back at the hottest/most interesting/most controversial stories in our world from the past week. This edition includes buzz about a few young rappers, a surprising number of old men, and of course the tragic televised events of Saturday night. An item’s RANK reflects a story’s size, while its BUZZ (thumbs up, or down, or both) reflects its nature. Scroll beneath the image for links to the articles mentioned within.

1. Watch Lana Del Rey On SNL
2. Santigold – “Big Mouth”; Santigold Debuts New Material @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg 1/16/12
3. Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”
4. Lower Dens – “Brains”
5. Bruce Springsteen – “We Take Care Of Our Own”
6. Brian Williams Calls Lana Del Rey SNL Performance “One Of The Worst Outings In SNL History”
7. Album Of The Week: Schoolboy Q Habits & Contradictions
8. Leonard Cohen – “Going Home”; Watch Cults Cover Leonard Cohen
9. Watch Video Of A 19-Year-Old Kanye West Rapping; Young Kanye Reads A Poem For MLK
10. Trent Reznor, MGMT Oppose SOPA/PIPA In Letter To Congress

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  1. *obligatory 311 reference*

  2. i think this is a good idea in theory, but once a week might be a little overkill. you end up discussing just about everything you posted that week. i feel like doing them less often would actually give a better indicator of what was trending and being talked about and such. ie. “We posted 10 articles about LDR this month and all were heavily commented on, so she’s number 1.”

    As it stands now, I don’t feel like I’m getting anything new out of these. (but maybe that’s just ’cause I’m on this site allllllllll the time…)

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    • though the more i think about it, this is probably targeted at non-regular readers, for whom a recap of the past week’s stories is probably just fine.

      • Has there ever been or can there be carry over from week to week? Maybe it would be interesting if LDR(or anyone) was # 1 for several weeks in a row and then you could check every week to see if she got bumped? Maybe a big story would come out early in the week and then you would be really looking forward to Thursday to see if there was a new #1? Am I really reaching here???

        IDK, it’s kinda fun, keeps me from working when I’m at work. Still time to tweek it.

        • There can and will be overlap, yep. That’s how it was envisioned… still playing around with it.

          • I don’t think people need to comment on one of the two good hip-hop albums of 2012 so far for it to be “buzz-worthy.” I didn’t comment on the album of the week chart, but I got the album and like it.

  3. I read all of these even though I’m not on your site all the time, it’s an interesting way to catch up with anything I missed :-)

  4. and why do you post it as an image? lol. so redundant to have to scroll down the list to get to the link.

  5. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  6. The clams casino remix of LDR’s born to die is good enough for her to get a little thumbs up, plus we all know that SNL fail was a way to lose all of her MNSTRM fans/////

  7. Shouldn’t Sleigh Bells be Thumb Up/Thumb down? I thought a ton of people didn’t like that new track.

    • After seeing the thumbs down, I went back to look at the post and not counting multiple comments by the same people or jokes I counted 13 positive reactions to only 6 negative ones. I would say I stand corrected.

  8. lana del rey was more of a puppet then a fembot, maybe a fembot could move it’s limbs

  9. Fembots have feelings too.

  10. Lana Del Rey goes for walk, authenticity of said action in question.

  11. Hoping The Maccabees maybe actually get some recognition for their amazing new album on the buzz chart next week.. Disappointed that I didn’t see them at all on Stereogum.

  12. I’m so happy to see the positive feedback for Leonard Cohen! Glad he is getting all the good buzz that he deserves. Even the Old Ideas with New Friends recordings have been killing it. The rendition of “Paper Thin Hotel” by Greg Dulli has to be my absolute favorite so far!

  13. Elyse Howdershell  |   Posted on Mar 9th, 2012 0

    Let’s see Chairlift on next week’s list!! The new video for “Met Before” is so worthy!

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