The Associated Press reports that federal prosecutors have shut down the massive file-sharing site Megaupload and indicted its owner and some workers for violating piracy laws. The indictment claims that the site, which you could use to download just about anything, is responsible for more than $500 million in lost revenues and that it was, at one point, the 13th most popular site in the world. Some of us may now have to find alternate ways to watch HBO dramas for free.

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  1. Don’t worry, Rapidshare is still going strong.


  3. you guys, did you know that Swizz Beatz is the CEO of megaupload?

  4. Shit just got real.

  5. So, if Federal Prosecutors and the FBI are able to shut down and indict one of the largest piracy violators on the internet right now, then remind me again why we need to legislate government sponsored internet censorship into our lives?

    • Right on, you’re right.

    • There’s a big difference in being able to apply the law and indict and shutdown obvious piracy like Megauploads did and the SOPA and PIPA that can automatically put a country wide DNS ban on a site without a trial…

      • That’s exactly the guy’s point. Megaupload was exactly the type of site SOPA and PIPA were designed to go after, and feds were able to do it under the current law.

        • But the problem is how broadly SOPA and PIPA are written. I kind of agree that Megaupload is a site targeted by SOPA and PIPA, but the sweeping language of SOPA and PIPA go beyond sites like Megaupload.

          So, sites like Wiki, Youtube, Facebook, and Google think SOPA and PIPA would constitute cause a chilling effect on speech in violation of the First Amendment because SOPA and PIPA are horribly drafted and those sites would be less likely to connect to any copyrighted material out of fear of prosecution under SOPA/PIPA.

          With a Republican Congress and Republican Supreme Court, SOPA and PIPA are genuinely fucking scary. IF they pass, they’re inevitably be challenged as violating the First Amendment, but since the current Supremes believe Corporation’s can speak (Citizens United), I worry that SOPA and PIPA would remain good law.

          Bottom Line: the effects of SOPA and PIPA don’t just reach music/movie “pirates.” Hell, Stereogum would be screwed for linking to any album streams or hosting any music videos (even with permission from the artists).

          I hope that was coherent.

  6. Let’s face it, this was pretty inevitable. In fact, it was as inevitable as the alternate sites that will replace the current file sharing sites and the sites that will replace them and the sites that will replace them and so on…

  7. Shit’s scary in 2012 ya’ll.

  8. yah, so when they shut down dropbox and mediafire, etc, how are we supposed to transfer massive chunks of raw data we own the rights to for professional purposes? way to go U.S. government…

    • Yes, it sucks that it’s gone, but lets not pretend anybody was using Megaupload to move their own, copyrighted content. And relax, Dropbox isn’t going anywhere.

  9. The Mayan’s were on to something. The world will blow up without free shit.

  10. 500 Million in lost Revenue? Thats such BS. You know what a lot of people would do if they couldn’t get that stuff for free? THEY WOULDN’T GET IT AT ALL. 0 Revenue either way.

  11. Can we shut down oil companies because they were responsible for billions of dollars of lost revenue in the Gulf region? That’d be nice.

  12. Candle In The Wind 2012

  13. Time chose this as the photo to go along with their article on Megaupload shutting down….I think it belongs here

  14. Don’t worry. It’ll be back in a bout 72 min.

  15. Also, I am glad to see that they aren’t indicting this Dotcom

  16. rapidshare

    and for sharing w/ your friends, dropbox.

    relax, everyone.

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