This week we heard new songs from Sleigh Bells, Santigold, and Springsteen, though mostly you guys wanted to discuss Lana Del Rey’s SNL appearance, no doubt wondering why Marky Mark wasn’t around to prevent it. After the jump, the ten highest rated comments, the five lowest rated comments, and our editor picks.


#10  Spikelee3000 | Jan 16th Score:27

She sounded like Jason Segel’s Dracula voice from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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#9  donnytilla | Jan 15th Score:27

I think you should re-evaluate your life if you find yourself saying “I think we should look into the authenticity of …”

Chill bro. Pabst is in the fridge. Put your feet up, and your dick down.


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#8  harmeet | Jan 15th Score:27

I think the word you’re looking for is botox-pop.

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#7  donnytilla | Jan 15th Score:28

should have just gone with the one post

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#6  Scott | Jan 19th Score:29
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Bobby Barlett | Jan 13th Score:30

Common vs. Drake. The Hip-hop beef equivalent of a pillow fight…

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Sara Nguyen | Jan 15th Score:32

I love the song, but she sounds like she’s doing Maya Rudolph doing Donatella Versace

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#3  goatcheese | Jan 15th Score:36

I don’t understand all the negative reactions to Lana Del Rey’s SNL performance. I thought her two comedy sketches were hilarious.

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Stephen M. Walker II | Jan 19th Score:42

Who the fuck cares. Apparently No Age’s tshirt designer was the first person to ever use a gradient on text. And KoL’s tshirt designer was the second person to use a gradient on text. And who the fuck thinks that KoL actually creates / approves their own merch designs? Their label probably paid the design intern of the week to do it.

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Sanjay Devarakonda | Jan 16th Score:50

Didn’t they do a song about her—”Pumped Up Lips”?

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#5  vfunct | Jan 16th Score:-19

BTW I don’t like her music at all. She is hot though.

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#4  ddogdunit | Jan 19th Score:-20

nice hipster joke. next you should ask how many hipsters it takes to screw in a lightbulb! they never get old.

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#3  ddogdunit | Jan 19th Score:-21

i may be being a huge dick, as always, but last I checked, Stereogum was “the leading online community for independent and alternative music NEWS, downloads, and videos.” So I don’t see the purpose in these stupid lists besides getting a bunch of white males to comment and circle jerk each other above and below this comment. If I wanted a dumb discussion about music like this I could just go to Union Pool, I’m more interested in news.

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#2  vfunct | Jan 16th Score:-22

“As for me, because I’ve been rooting for Lana since we started covering her — she’s in way too deep, but I think she has potential — please excuse me for saying that I’m already torn.”

NOOO! Don’t do it! Don’t be the horrible hipster cliche of starting to hate something when it becomes popular! That’s horrible!

Just stick with your raw, original reaction to her, as that’s the most honest view of your musical taste.

She’s obviously going to be a mega pop star, nothing wrong with that, and nothing wrong with liking mega pop stars.

I wouldn’t trust anyone that doesn’t like mega pop stars, as they generally have better production teams behind them than indie brands.

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#1  ddogdunit | Jan 19th Score:-25

some more lists to consider:

20 Irrelevant Blogs That Have To Make These Lists Because LDR Didn’t Do Anything Today
20 Crazy Things Courtney Love Said On Stage
20 Crazy Things Billy Corgan Tweeted
20 Forcefield PR Press Releases We Copied and Pasted
20 Lana Del Rey Covers Of Video Games (the sad thing is, you might actually do that one)

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  waxon25 | Jan 15th Score:26

Allow me to shed some light. I am a sound engineer who has worked for a band that appeared on SNL and have mixed on every late night show (except the Tonight Show and the new Conan show). Basically, the bands regular live sound engineer is allowed to “produce” and “direct” the broadcast engineer (supplied by NBC…a full time position, and one with a massive background in recording studios). However, according to union laws, visiting engineers can not physically touch the console. Now, in every late night television show I’ve been a visiting engineer, I’ve been able to handle the faders on the console for any special effects or cues within the song. STILL, I can not physically mix the taping. HOWEVER every broadcast engineer, with the exception of one, allowed me to freely direct and also took notes from the artist after the taping was complete (and note they are not required to do this but as a whole, these are very generous people).

What the audience hears is the mix as engineered by a professional but produced by the bands engineer. Without experience, a live engineer can produce the mix completely wrong, make it sound completely dry, and it will sound shitty coming out of your television and laptop speakers. I am afraid the blame would fall on the visiting engineer more so than the broadcast engineer. But that is just my humble opinion.

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Michael Robenalt | Jan 19th Score:2

Shit just got real.

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Editor’s Note: Yeah it did.

Comments (28)
  1. 311 related comments are mysteriously absent. Odd.

    • Let’s make today the day we pick a different band than 311 to reference haphazardly next week!

      • You can’t force it, it has to happen organically. Just like the Proclaimers debut album “This is the Story”

        • We seem to be reaching the point where the 311 references have lost some steam but they were so prominent that now people are feeling the need to address their absence. I think the references are going to get fewer and the first mentions will start to fall further toward the bottom of the comments. Eventually I think we will stop seeing them, but that does leave us with a few questions.

          1. How long do 311 references need to be missing for them to be “over”
          2. When they are over, can they ever come back? Can they ever truly end?
          3. Where do we go from here?

          Not sure if any other band would work quite as well. 311 was so perfect because many commenters were most likely legit fans back in middle school, high school, and possibly college, so everyone knows all the songs, lyrics, and best references to make. Also, while I don’t think many of you have actually listened to 311 in a while or even like them anymore, because of the nostalgic feelings towards them all the jokes have been in good humor. I don’t think I totally got all the jokes the first few times I saw them and have mostly stayed out of them so I don’t think I’m going to play much of a part in their fate, but I’m really confident that you guys will make good decisions and take us in a positive direction no matter what.

          • I can adress all three of these:

            3. Probably a month
            1. Once it’s done it’s done and it’ll probably stop being funny forever. Think of the keyboard cat.
            1. We move west

      • To be honest I’m more inclined to make fun of Blockbuster than any of those other bands.

      • One band, three letters: P.O.D.

  2. Ecclesiastes 3:11
    He has made every thing a beautiful disaster in its time: also he has put eternity in men’s hearts, so that no man can find out the work that God does from the beginning to the end.

  3. Sanjay wins without a doubt…

  4. donnytilla, pleased to see you in the top 10 twice, you give me endless chuckles. Sincerely, Zygmunt.

  5. Sweet, I won! Now where’s my prize?

  6. Honestly, this is how Shit Gets Real:

  7. Now I feel kind of like Juliette Lewis for my glorified Lana Del Rey slam. What I really meant to say is that Lana is “fresh and yummy,” whatever the hell that means.

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