Sleigh Bells - "Comeback Kid" Video

Sleigh Bells’ new single “Comeback Kid” got a big Rank & File thumbs up last week, and SPOILER ALERT they are going to again because its video is what your morning cup of coffee was missing. It’s got Derek skateboarding in the sun in a Nirvana shirt and Alexis singing about relationship dealbreakers while jumping around on a bed with a rifle (FAIR ENOUGH) and I’m not quite sure why you haven’t hit the jump already:

Directed by Derek Miller and Gregory Kohn. Reign Of Terror is out 2/21 via Mom + Pop.

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  1. Pardon me, but I can’t fucking wait for this album.

  2. no matter what they do they always come off as posers.

  3. everyone needs to listen to Bis – Social Dancing immediately.

  4. Sexy.

    Who needs a bathing suit when you got a towel.

  5. Hey… this is great.

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  7. “video cannot be viewed outside the US for copyright reasons”.

    fuck ‘em then.

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  10. Oh darn. From the photo I thought this was a new Gwen Stefani video.

  11. Beyonce in a Motorhead Tee

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  14. If you dont think Alexis is sexy, the video will REALLY suck for you

  15. The hook sounds like “love will never do without you” by Janet Jackson.

  16. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Jan 25th, 2012 +3

    There’s just no blood left in my brain to comment on this right now.

  17. Best video/song featured on Stereogum in months!

  18. …nothing happened in the whole video? what was so badass about her jumping around with a rifle with a stupid look on her face and him doing the breakfast club fist at the end?? how am i the only one who notices the lack in creativity in BOTH of these new sleigh bells songs?? the beats are really stupid sounding and not nearly as creative as the first album… i hate it and am sorely disappointed because i really like (most of) the first album…

    • I don’t understand why some people keep insisting that they’re previous work was so musically advanced and complex. It wasn’t. It was simple, loud beats with simple, loud guitar parts.

    • Oh yeah, I agree that nothing happens in the video. They’ve done previous videos where nothing happened, as well. Kinda seems to be one of “their things”, these videos where nothing happens. Alexis with blonde hair was kind of interesting. *shrug*

  19. yeah i will probably listen to their album once and then never again like every other product put out by sleigh bells

  20. i don’t like this…
    but then again, i don’t want to like this…
    maybe that’s the problem…

    well i don’t consider it a problem actually….


    all is good…

  21. I thought she was doing Tae-Bo at the end… which makes her even more “cool?” Right, kids?

    And if she looked like a lunch lady no one would be paying attention to this rubbish.

  22. its actually not a bad song at all. its a good indie pop song. more focus on pop, but done is kind of cool. loathed the band at first back when they were buzzed about…but some of their tracks i like, this probably more then the last album. good job there sleigh bells :) more like “reign of awesome”!!!! :p

  23. I didn’t even know that Karen O. was pregnant…

  24. Nice mustard flip lol.

  25. Love the song, hate the video. Uninspired and boring.

  26. Not impressed with this either. And Alexis, as beautiful as she is, really needs to find a new style of singing- switch things up creatively artistically… I actually really liked the first album. But I’d hate to see them turn out to be one-trick-ponies-

    Regardless of the cultish cliche hipster stereotype of artists first albums being better and them “not being allowed” to grow and evolve their sound, I’d say growth would serve Sleigh Bells well if they want to be serious about making music. If I had to compare Phantogram and SB side-by-side, I’d have to go with Phantogram- they have talent out the ass and write great songs. I see a lot of potential for them. But I don’t know if i can say the same for SB.

  27. I like it. Never really listened to these guys tho.

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