Ben Folds Five Prep Spring LP

Take it away, @BenFolds:

When, Ben, when?!

There you have it. More details soon, we’re sure.

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  1. This is very exciting! I really loved House, I was hoping this would happen.

  2. Let’s start the battle of who could care less.

  3. Very happy about this. BUT I am afraid that it will tarnish their original career a bit if it sucks. Folds’ solo music hasn’t exactly been stellar in the past decade.

  4. Is Ben Folds Five cool at Stereogum? I think he’s not so cool at Pitchfork because ya know, he doesn’t hide shitty vocals behind awful amounts of reverb and he’s actually good at playing instruments…

  5. Dude, let’s combine these two articles, and have Ben Folds Five record with Steve Albini. I am a genius.

  6. Mountain jam 2012! Should be good. Guy has always been a great songwriter and Ben Folds Five were a tight band. He just went all stupid with “You Don’t Know Me” and A-Capella. Just listen to “Landed” and “Fred Jones Pt. 2″ and you’ll be excited for this.

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