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R&B enigma has been out of the game for more than a decade, ever since he finished touring behind his 2000 album Voodoo. He’s supposedly been recording this whole time, but we’ve only heard a few isolated shreds of evidence, like this freaked-out “Black Hole Sun” cover. Earlier today, though, the man apparently performed to an extremely excited crowd in Stockholm. And judging by the fan-made video below, he still looks like D’Angelo and still knows how to rock a crowd. Watch him and his band do an extended vamp-out on “Chicken Grease” after the jump.

UPDATE: D’Angelo also played two new (bomb-sounding!) tracks, “The Charade” and “Sugar Daddy.” Watch the live clips below.

(via Prefix)

“The Charade”

“Sugar Daddy”


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  1. Thanks for this post. D about to show everybody how it should be done.

  2. D’Angelo! I can’t wait for that album to come out. please can it actually come out?

  3. sexy man…
    let’s hear this new album!

  4. his left eye has a smiley face

  5. Pino Palladino

  6. Hopefully on stage he’ll be totally naked but standing at an angle where we can only see just above his dong.

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