They Might Be Giants on Conan

Fans of dorkily comedic things, take note: Nerd-rock veterans They Might Be Giants were on Conan last night, and it’s hard to imagine a more generally simpatico host. On the show, they played the recent track “When Will You Die.” And as a web exclusive, they also pulled out a noisy version of the 1988 relic “Ana Ng,” a song that you just know got major play in the SNL writers’ room when Conan was working there. Watch both below.

TMBG’s Join Us is out now on Idlewild.

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  1. Nailed it.

    This is just a perfect performance. The Giants are no doubt fully aware of the tongue in cheek humor of playing “When Will You Die?” on the air for their 30th aniversary. They have outlived the life span of a rock band four times over. And seriously, they will never die. The Johns will play on for ever, because they have built legend within legend like an infinitely unlocking nesting doll.

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