Foo Fighters - "These Days" Video

The bulk of Foo Fighters’ new “These Days” video is made up of footage of the band playing a gigantic stadium and generally looking like straight-up rock stars. But we also get to see Dave Grohl kissing his family goodbye and the rest of the band gearing up before the show and cooling down after it, and it’s a nice reminder that these are professionals doing a job. Also, I enjoyed the climactic Grol/Pat Smear high-five. Watch the video below.

UPDATE: Video’s been pulled; we’ll update with a working on when it pops up.

Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light is out now on RCA.

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  1. crazy watching this video and their wembley stadium dvd knowing, even though they were all over rock radio, they struggled to sell out any small us arenas in 1998

  2. The only thing separating the Foo’s from being Nickleback is that I like Dave Grohl. These songs are getting exceedingly more generic crappy rock radio.

    • Speaking the TRUTH. Whoever’s downvoting is dead wrong about these sellouts.,

    • I think you’re wrong. The difference between these two bands is that the Foo Fighters make ok middle of the road rock music and have a member who is a great drummer (yet not the drummer) and Nickelback makes music that sounds like a brick being passed through the anal sphincter of a labrador. Admittedly, it’s a subtle difference but worth noting.

  3. ummm i think the fact you know what NB sounds like negates anything you say, think or do alex lees ….. (excepting you being a tool of the massive fukwit variety !!)

  4. Nice! Domestic Dave and family……let’s see more of that!

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