CFCF - Exercises

On his new album Exercises, the Montreal producer and remixer CFCF leans away from dance music, instead making a series of meditative instrumental pieces built around synth and piano. For some idea of how that might sound, download the gorgeous album track “Exercise #3 (Building)” below.

Exercises is out 4/24 on Paper Bag.

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  1. great track – love this new direction
    what I am doing with my life?

  2. I think that’s a good direction for CFCF. For years, I was loving his remixes, but not so much his original music. It was good, but not as good as his remixes. This direction suits him better. If I’m to give one advice, it would be to add a few surprising twists in the pieces, maybe by suddenly introducing different sounds, or going a bit off key momentarily etc. Just let the listener wait the unexpected.

  3. The artwork is a photo of my schools library. kool

  4. I started playing this on the exfm player and the stereogum player at the same time and could do no wrong. the overlap always matched one way or another, looking forward to see how he transitions between individual tracks on this. oh and that is Louis Kahn’s Exeter Library

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