Nicolas Jaar - "Materials" Video

In the video for “Materials,” a new track from Chilean amniotic-techno prodigy Nicolas Jaar, an adorable little kid finds himself in a mysterious hallway full of creepy clowns and scarred up mutants and magical doorways. It’s a messed-up dream-logic narrative that actually works because it seems like a dream some kid might have. Pondr directs, and Jaar himself has a cameo near the end. Watch it below.

(via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

Jaar’s great 2011 album Space Is Only Noise is out on Circus Company.

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  1. I’m just curious, why is pitchfork, MoMA, and everyone I know suckling this dude’s teets? I mean its intriguing and interesting but I’m not blown away… yet. Right now his music seems a little too simple for my taste. I wish what you could buy didnt have such a strong positive correlation with how big you are in the music industry. I mean MPC’s, synths, brown university connections, friends at pitchfork? what is it I want it.

  2. Thanks for posting our video, your support is greatly appreciated! Dave

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