Frances Bean Cobain

Rock’s saddest, most fucked-up ongoing story just became even more depressing. Back in 2009, Courtney Love lost legal guardianship of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain. And now the court documents behind that split have come to light. In them, Frances alleges that Courtney was responsible for the deaths of two of her pets, a dog and a cat, as the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Now, Courtney didn’t maliciously murder the animals or anything. But according to those documents, the dog died after swallowing some of Courtney’s pills, and the cat died after “it got tangled up in fabric, trash and paperwork.” This raises the question of how something can get tangled in paperwork in such a literal sense.

In the same documents, Frances also claims that Love does a ton of drugs and “She rarely eats? She often falls asleep in her bed while she is smoking, and I am constantly worried that she will start a fire (which she has done at least three times) that will threaten our lives.” Yeek.

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  1. They shoulda never given that crackhead money.

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  3. “the dog died after swallowing some of Courtney’s pills”

    I’m quite sure that dog died a painless, ridiculously stoned death.

  4. Pets aren’t the only thing of Frances Bean’s that Courtney Love killed………..

  5. Vh1 need to do a Behind the Music Remastered… Remastered… and put this part in.

  6. So if living creatures can’t survive in Courtney Love’s house…

    Does that make Courtney Love a zombie?

  7. Ya never read a happy store about Francis Bean, poor thing…

    • “Back in 2009, Courtney Love lost legal guardianship of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain.”

      I think that’s a solid win for Frances.

  8. Now, now, people. Let’s wait until all the evidence is in before we label Ms. Love the murderer of her daughter’s fath… pets, I mean pets.

  9. I can’t wait for Nick Broomfield’s forthcoming documentary where it’s revealed that Courtney Love offered El Duce $50,000 to kill Frances Bean’s pets.

  10. i guess i understand how the dog’s death was accidental. but i’m sorry, if your cat dies from being tangled up in “fabric, trash and paperwork,” per my worldview you’re presumed to be a piece of shit who should neither have pets nor raise children until you get your life together.

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    • well aren’t i embarrassed now; i didn’t realize i was coming off as gay there. let me tweak my comment a bit for you, so you might better understand that i’m actually straight (shocker, i know):


      …if you’re too dense to pick up on the sarcasm, what i’m doing here is essentially telling you to go fuck yourself.

  12. So sex and drugs and rock and roll DIDN’T make this family happy? We’re going to have to edit the manual…

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