Madonna & M.I.A. & Nicki Minaj

Madonna’s forthcoming album, bearing the frankly awesome title MDNA, will feature two collaborations with M.I.A. This forthcoming weekend, Madonna and M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. This morning, we posted up this amazing M.I.A. video for “Bad Girls.”

So if you could add up all those words the sum total would be just about this: Madonna’s own cadre of bad girls, including M.I.A. (and Nicki Minaj), in a football-themed video, on the eve of the Super Bowl. Here it is! “Give Me All Your Luvin’” is the track (“in another place, in another time, you could be my Lucky Star”), Megaforce directs, and Madge has managed to cast two of contemporary pop’s most visionary meme-icons into as her personal cheerleaders (literally). It’s good to be Madonna. “Give Me All Your Luvin’”’s got Madonna complaining about “every record sound(ing) the same,” M.I.A. flowing slow and saying she doesn’t “give a shit,” and Nicki flowing fast and not really saying shit. Which is to say, this is what they do. Plus football uniforms. Watch, here:

Madonna’s MDNA is out 3/26 via Interscope.

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  1. Madonna really is worth it

  2. This video’s biggest accomplishment is that it actually make Madonna look fuckable somehow.

  3. i don’t think this article has its facts straight. the song madonna is performing at the superbowl was leaked a few days ago and it sounds totally different. you can find it here:

    please do a better job with your articles, there are a lot of people who read this blog.

  4. the song’s a mess and fun as hell. i love when everyone shuts up for a second and lets Madonna sing the verses.

  5. When you give MIA and Nicki only 8 bars each then you’ve wasted a song that had a chance to be a great piece of pop music. Sort of frustrating that they only dipped a toe in the water like this. Martin Solveig did a good job with the production but I think they really missed out on an awesome opportunity here.

    • that’s because madonna is swimming in her own ego. which is also why everyone “shuts up for a second”. AND ALSO why she pitches a baby for a “touchdown”, which wasn’t nearly as funny as she thought it was.

  6. Nicky Minaj is just beyond terrible.

  7. what the fuck is this shit???

  8. Arent they called “Megaforce”? The directing team , i mean.

  9. this just screams ‘youth apparel ad campaign’,

  10. I thought Elizabeth Taylor was dead.

  11. This song doesn’t sample ZZ Top at all!!! What the heck?!

  12. less productive

  13. Madonna is officially over, I hope for her sake the half time show is not this demoralizing. Please do not show the world your nipple, as everyone has more than likely already seen it. (think gizzard) And who came up with this video concept? Just sad. And if your gonna put M.I.A. and NM in the video, don’t utilize them this badly. I have seen better production value in an old old navy commercial. Some people should be updating resumes over this in my opinion.

    • The last time Madonna appeared with two younger women on a stage was when she did the infamous VMA 2003 opening performance with Britney and Christina. Now I’m kinda looking forward to her next Minaj à Trois at the superbowl half time show.

  14. Wow, i didn’t realize Stereogum was turning into Teen Beat.

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  16. I find it funny that Madonna calls Lady Gaga “reductive” when she herself has to have guests spots from both MIA and Nicki Minaj as an attempt at some relevance. You know who had guest spots on Born This Way? Not a god damn person.

    • You are partly right. On the one hand, there were in fact no singing or rapping guests on Gaga’s BTW. On the other hand, you forgot that Brian May and Clarence Clemons among others participated on it.

      • But everyone has people play instruments for their records? I saying you dont see Lady Gaga having someone guest spot on her music anymore, mainly because she doesnt need to. Clearly Madonna now needs help from Nicki Minaj?

        • like i doubt in the board room where they were listening to the edge of glory before the sax, they all sat there and said, “you know what will get my 14 yr old daughter to listen to this??!! A big ole fat Clarence Clemons sax solo!!! YES!!”

  17. For some reason I think this song is directed to those who are claimed to copy her (Lady Gaga).
    I’m probably wrong, but this was garbage.

  18. lame as fuck

  19. I hope The Flaming Lips come on as special guests during the halftime show and play a version of “Borderline” with Madonna.

  20. 1998′s Ray of Light will always be my favorite Madonna album. I think it was her exceptional work and she never repeated a moment of it afterward. But I’ll give MDNA a try regardless.

  21. What just happened?

  22. pretttyyy sure this was already an avril lavigne song

  23. She looks hot for a grandma, admit it.

    • You’re kidding right? There’s more special effects going on there than Avatar. I wouldn’t be surprised to find they’d CG’d her in while she slept in her trailer.

      • How come she looks about the same as she does in recent paparazzi shots? She’s pushing 60 and is more fit than the average college girl.

        • Well, not reading the kind of periodicals that contain paparazzi shots I couldn’t be sure, but when she was on the news years ago while baby shopping in Africa she looked about 15 years older than she does in this vid. Also, how come whenever the camera comes anywhere near her it looks like someone’s smeared half a kilo of vaseline all over the lens?

        • If by “pushing 60″ you mean she’ll be 54 in August, then yes, she’s pushing 60.

  24. The chorus sounds some 90s brit pop song, but I can’t place it. HELP

  25. Who knew a video where MIA and Nicki Minaj are cheerleaders could be this bad. Another example of complacency and reluctance to quit from 80′s megastars.

  26. Leave it to Madonna to enroll two female-pop megastars to be in her video only to turn them into her literal cheerleaders while she sings about how great and important she is. This is just further pushing of the “MADONNA IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A POP GODDESS” false-history onto consumers that mostly consider her irrelevant. Yuck.

  27. What effect will this song and video have on our children’s spelling? Won’t somebody think of the children?

  28. Madonna spends half of this video hovering over muscly black men in sports gear


  29. Nicki’s verse is like a terrible rip-off of herself on songs like “Roman’s Revenge” and “Did It On ‘Em.”

  30. Nicki’s boobs, sponsored by Adidas

  31. Weak sauce. Really bland, flavorless, weak sauce.

  32. LMFAO was this supposed to be an actual video or is Madonna just showing everyone she can BUY NM and M.I.A. to be her little cheerleaders? What a joke, but I have to admit if I had her kind of money that would be the best way to show the world that those two are just her lapdogs if she wants them to be. By the way, am I the only one who is freekin GROSSED out that a 60 year old woman is pretending to be breastfeeding a baby in her video? I give GAGA two weeks to copy that one. Another unoriginal “artist”.

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