Jeopardy: ______Foxes

No clue. (To avoid confusion, “ROCKIN’” is basically code for “ROCKING.”) (via @SubPop)

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  1. Fleet Foxes.

  2. Amrit!

    You tagged the answer! No fun!

  3. Techically, it’s just “Fleet”! If you’re filling in the blank.

  4. You are all wrong, as your response must be formed as a question.

    What is Fleet?

    What do I win?

  5. What is “What the hell is stuffed up my butthole?? Oh, it’s just several _____”

  6. What is, Star Foxes?

  7. did anyone get it right on the show?

  8. Aaaand now…Bon Iver. That’s right.

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