Watch Die Antwoord On 'Letterman'

Last night, South African freak rap combo Die Antwoord took their current single “I Fink U Freeky” to The Late Show With David Letterman. It was considerably tame, given what we’ve seen from the group previously, but Yolandi did wear her big, sinister black contacts, for what it’s worth. Watch it below.

Ten$ion is out today on ZEF Records.

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  1. Made me a little sad to hear laughing from the crowd. This would have been better received on Jimmy Fallon.

  2. Predicting a lot of confused calls to college campuses from parents this morning.

    “Honey, we saw the Dying Ant Wood on Letterman last night. Does she have a disease?”

  3. I have very weird impressions of South Africa.

  4. Relatively tame for them, yet I’m sure still the weirdest/creepiest thing on Letterman in a long time.

  5. Wow, what a surprise. They actually sound good live.

  6. If Keith Flint and Tricky took a shit in the recording booth you’d end up with Die Antwoord.
    Apparently being White, lower-middle class, with no style, and no class is its own culture now…Zef…

    Wasn’t Ninja the protaginist in that terrible Offspring and Redman video?

  7. Ninja kept making me thing of the word Wankster… Original Prankster… wrong video… Pretty Fly…

  8. i wonder if the dj dude’s way of clapping was a pon pon pon reference

  9. Dave’s face says it all (“I’m getting too old for this shit”).

  10. the redman is the new eminem.

  11. You’re RIGHT to be freaked out about South Africa. It’s for Real Hard Core there, especially in the cities. Security Guards literally pack machine guns there, man. Makes the Gangsterism here in the U.S. look like PeeWee’s playhouse. Extreme Violence IS The Norm!

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