St. Vincent - "Cheerleader" Video

The video for St. Vincent’s Strange Mercy track “Cheerleader” opens with a giant Annie Clark laying prone on an art-museum floor, looking like a Damien Hirst shark. It would be a malicious act of spoilerization if I described anything else that happened after, but know that things get as unsettling and uncanny as they always do in St. Vincent videos. Hiro Murai directs. Watch it below. Also below, check out St. Vincent’s recent 4AD Session.

(via Disco Naïveté)

Strange Mercy is out now on 4AD, and there’s a free download of “Cheerleader” to be had at Google Music.

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  1. Less Damien Hurst, more Ron Mueck

  2. Poor Annie! First she gets buried alive, now she breaks like ceramic. Things don’t end well for her in music videos for this album.

  3. What a god damn beautiful face.

  4. Damn, I kind of want a 50 foot tall Annie in real life now. Except she would be less tragic, and more like a guitar-shredding Godzilla.

  5. “Does anyone else feel that? That’s an impact tremor is what it is… I’m fairly alarmed here.” – Dr. Ian Malcolm.

  6. Finally a video with a simple message I can totally get behind; Annie Clark is a work of art.

  7. No offense to St. Vincent, but this video kind of sucks.. The cinematography is horrible!

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