Jack White 2012

Last week, Jack White reentered our brains by announcing the solo album Blunderbuss and giving us the superlatively stripped-back new song “Love Interruption.” The “Love Interruption” single is out now, and it includes a non-album track called “Machine Gun Silhouette” as a B-side. It’s a jumpy, bluesy yarn with touches of old-school country, and someone uploaded it to the Internet, so listen now before the powers that be yank it down. Stream it at HypeM.

The “Love Interruption” single is out now on Third Man.

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  2. This has shades of De Stijl, way better than Love Interuption

  3. Don’t get Jack’s fear of the present. This shit is stale, do something new!

  4. I’m not really feeling this song and hope that it’s the stylistic outlier from the new material.

    Love Interruption doesn’t bash you over the head with its greatness, but after listening to it a few times I really enjoyed it.

  5. I mean, I kinda like it a bit ’cause it’s White, but… whatever. It’s a decent B-Side.

  6. So Stereogum is where all the sane people are! This new music is just so… uninteresting.

  7. “Trololololol” – The liner notes of the single

  8. i’m really surprised that no one has commented on the fact that he is naming his first album after the music and film festival in the first season of portlandia…

    • actually, a blunderbuss is a kind of 18th century shotgun- basically a hand-cannon. Does nobody watch Pawn Stars?

      • Ah. I knew I recognized the word. Nice Pawn Stars catch.

        • thank you!

          “Now I know this Jack White B-side SOUNDS old, but theres a lot of reproductions floating around today- I’ve got a buddy who deals with this sort of thing, would you mind if I invited him down here to take a look?…If this B-side has Benjamin Franklin’s signature on it, then I WANT it.”

          -Rick Harrison

  9. This song is great. Come on guys, has some ‘Consolers of the Loney’ style to it. Loving this.

  10. The vocal and bass mix on this track is horrendous. I’m going to assume that it doesn’t really sound that bad.

  11. Gaah… sounds like he just redid “Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign” by the 5 Man Electric Band, an unbearably cornball, heavyhanded whine from the 1960s better off forgotten, but if you have to know:

  12. hmm i was afraid of this, he’s taking the living in Dixie thing way too seriously now and adapted way too much country into his music, and/or he’s trying to not sound white stripeY to not offend Meg or something. oh well, i’m sure it’ll sound good when he’s on letterman and conan though.

  13. Hey everybody, go ahead and complain more. You assholes don’t do it enough.

  14. I don’t know u guys.. this reminds me of a cartoon version of back to the future 3 and, let’s not beat around the bush (pause), that was the shittiest BTTF.

  15. I’m not going to blow my shit over a b-side. I kind of liked it anyway.

  16. I don’t know. To be honest, I kind of liked it. It sounded a little bit awkward but you’ve also got to remember that this is a leaked version that isn’t even supposed to be out there yet. It may not even be the most mastered version of the track.

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