Luscious Jackson

All-female Beastie-affiliated crew Luscious Jackson were one of the more underrated bands of the ’90s. Their three albums, all worth owning, defined a very particular form of urbane, cosmopolitan cool, wrapping harmonies around each other with ease and stepping on genre lines without making a big deal about it. The band made sugary alt-pop and hard push-pull funk sound like they could coexist peacefully as parts of the same whole, and they made that feat look deceptively easy. After breaking up in 2000, they’re back together now, and their first post-breakup single “Are You Ready?” finds them stepping effortlessly back into their old sound. Stream the track and read an interview with the band over at Rolling Stone.

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  1. Mazzy Star then Garbage and now Luscious Jackson…. Your move Belly……. we’re waiting

  2. Love Luscious Jackson, but I have to say…underrated? In what universe? Maybe forgotten a bit by a culture that can’t remember bands from last year, but they were pretty well-regarded in their day.

  3. awesome. coincidentally was listening to fever in/fever out the other day.

  4. Holy shit, it’s summer in the 90s again! This is everything that was great about them, but it sounds so fresh, like they just thought of it yesterday.

  5. One minor note: LJ put out four albums, not three. In Search of Manny may only have 7 songs on it, but Pink Floyd’s Animals has only 5 and no one would ever call that anything but an album. Glad to hear they are back in the studio.

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