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  • Watch Lana Del Rey Perform At Amoeba Records
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Lana Del Rey

Yesterday, Lana Del Rey sang Born To Die songs at a jam-packed Amoeba Records as rumors swirled about her upcoming tour (the NY Post claimed that the tour had been cancelled because of the poorly-received SNL appearance before her camp squashed the rumor, though SXSW dates were cancelled and the Australian leg has been postponed). Building on the momentum from a really nice performance on Letterman, the singer looked relaxed and happy as fans squealed around her. She’s growing more confident and improving fast; it’s fun to watch. Oh, and she debuted at #2 on the Billboard chart, selling a pretty-solid 77,000 copies, so that’s nice, too. Check out some performance clips from the short set below and scope the photo gallery above.

“Born To Die”

“Blue Jeans”

“Without You” (Before she started: “I just wanted to thank you for everything, and you know what I mean.”)

Here’s Lana hanging out and hugging fans:

“Born to Die”
“Blue Jeans”
“Million Dollar Man”
“Video Games”
“Without You”

Born To Die is out now on Interscope.

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  1. Why isn’t anyone commenting on the status of her lips? Am I the only person that noticed she may have had work done on them? Plus: Is that even her real name?!

  2. Why is she getting THIS much coverage?

  3. Can’t you see this was her plan all along?? Lana Del Rey=Heisenberg

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  5. this is bad again…and it always happens when she starts oversinging….she gets into this bad bad tone…she’s gotta stick to the album notes and melodies…improving is not her strength

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  7. “Without You” sounds great like this. Wish there were more stripped down versions like this on the record.

  8. See from these pictures you would think she is really personable onstage. Or maybe is it just me?

  9. Just a quick note: It’s Amoeba Music, and not Amoeba Records.

  10. Michael_  |   Posted on Feb 8th, 2012 +8

    Wait, the last time I checked, Stereogum had officially decided to shit all over Lana Del Rey once the album proved the hype wasn’t worth it, but now they’re all hunky dory with cutting her some slack?

    At any rate…

    • Correct we didn’t like (the vast majority of) her album, but she’s still in the news. Never planned to pretend she doesn’t exist! See #Lulu

      • That’s not fair though – Lulu was hilarious whereas LDR is not particularly hilarious.

        • whats hilarious were those crying fans. put a big smile on my face. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) WEEEEEEEeee!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

      • You’re comparing apples and hilariously terrible idea oranges.

      • I understand, and I wasn’t being entirely serious. All you have to do to understand the difference between the premature evaluation and this article is the different names in the bylines.

        I can’t wait for Tom’s Premature Evaluation or Album of the Week article of Ceremony’s Zoo by the way, which I see is in the regular rotation.

  11. i don’t care what her real name is, i don’t care if she wrote it, and i don’t care how she sang it on snl: i still really, really like blue jeans

  12. but i’m confused, I thought that the Sgum opinion du jour was that Lana now sucks? why would they keep reporting on her? hmmmmmmm -says america

    • A. Saying that an album sucks doesn’t mean that the artist that made it sucks.
      B. “why would they keep reporting on her?” — I’m sure people also asked as to why Fox kept reporting about liberals even though they think liberals suck.

      • haha Fox keeps reporting on Liberals…24 hrs a DAY because that how they spread their HATE, duh. SORTAAA like THIS! haha. the joke was i KNOW why they’re doing it, it’s because the word ‘Lana’=RATINGS. So now they’re stuck even though they tried to throw her under the bus after ironically building her up the past 4 months with updates on her every fucking move. Fascinating how ‘it’ works eh?

        • look at the Top 5 Most Commented…THREE are LDR, they are stuck with this chick for ad ratings just like friggin Headline News and Nancy Grace get stuck with their brainless Casey Anthony MONTHS of bullshit night after night, it’s kinda pathetic. ‘we hate her, but we can’t stop talking about her, DAMNIT!’ (shakes fist at god)

  13. they report on lots of artist/s who’s albums they think suck. and its not just stereogum who thinks she sucks, i personally don’t know anyone who doesnt think she blows.

  14. Oh come on! Let’s get more Bjork clips on here!

  15. I still don’t get why everyone hates the album. I like it a lot.

    That being said, Perfume Genius has made the Album of the Year (unrelated, but I felt like gushing because I’m listening to it for the 100th time now).

    • me too. i think she has a good voice, despite it changing. i just bought her album today, and it was pretty good. the first four songs are my favorite. there’s a lot of people who have a strong reaction to her, but i like her stuff so far. i like a lot of music though just for what it is. there are obviously things i like more than others, but i sill think she fits into what i do like.

  16. is it just me or since SNL has she had a re-branding or something where she acts like a less faux-sullen teen monster poser and more like a real person? she feels more real or something i dunno *shrugs*

    • she’s always been this way, just SNL was a tiny tiny bit of scientific data to go on…and it’s kinda hard to dance a jig when you’re singing a super intense ballad like Video Games.

  17. Why are we still sitting here talking about Lana Del Rey when stuff such as Frankie Rose’s new album streaming or Grimes’s Visions leaking is getting no views? We need a mortatorium on LDR at least until she does something significant again. You can’t post about every unmemorable appearance she does.

    • good luck on that haha, i’d get mad at them for blowing their wad on her SO long pre-album release then, but now that the album is finally out and she’s actually going to be doing ‘stuff’ it’s kinda unavoidable.

  18. Awww. The head tilt picture. That’s sweet. Like her music. Or something.

  19. why do i find myself still rooting for this chick and hoping she just gets better and proves everyone wrong someday?

    i think Videogames seriously brainwashed my ass.

  20. She sang Video Games and it sounded pretty good; mission accomplished, LDR.

    Can’t beat free shows.

  21. Why was that she -he from La Roux crying in that last video? That really bums me out…

  22. 3 of the top 5 articles on Stereogum are about Lana Del Rey…

  23. finally had time to actually watch n listen to the clips, she’s getting better, and the crowd LOVES her, that’s awesome so happy for her:) btw watch Without You, AWESOME.

  24. Turns out a girl I know likes LDR…

    “Oh yeah, of course I’ve heard her music!”

  25. Give LDR a break.

  26. I don’t know what she means… And I was hoping “Without You” would be a Badfinger cover.

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