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In December, we reported that elusive, damaged genius Brian Wilson was back together with the Beach Boys, the once-estranged group he’d helped to make great. This year, they plan to tour together and release a new album. And at this Sunday’s Grammys, Billboard reports that they’ll all perform together for the first time in decades. But here’s the catch: They’ll do it in a joint performance with Foster The People and Maroon 5. Grammys! You’re fucking everything up! Again!

The Grammy producers’ thinking, I suppose, is that the Beach Boys, Maroon 5, and Foster The People are all rock bands from California. Seriously, that’s all I can come up with. That’s it. If anyone can think of a justification for this trainwreck, the comments section is all yours.

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  1. I’m pickin up pumped up kicks like Jagger.

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  3. What’s John Stamos’ level of involvement?

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  6. seems like they just wanted to combine a reunion, a top 40 safe band and a “new fun indie” band. Kind of like when people combine hip hop, jazz and pop punk and it always works.

  7. I bet Noah Lennox is really pissed that Adam Levine and Foster the People are performing with the Beach Boys instead of him. Then again, he probably doesn’t care that much.

  8. It’s going to be the same format as when The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons and Bob Dylan played together last year. They’ll play 3 songs. Foster will play first, Maroon 5 will play 2nd and then they will play with the Beach Boys all together afterwards. They’re all similar enough where it makes sense for them to be together.

    • how are the beach boys similar to the other two?

      • The not very guitar driven standard rock ‘n’ roll where the lead singer has a nice, pretty, melodic voice. I’m not saying their identical. They can’t be because there from completely different times. I would say that both Maroon 5 and Foster the People were both very influenced by the Beach Boys though especially Pet Sounds.

        • that’s a super vague umbrella to put them all under. i agree that it’s difficult to compare, because all three acts are very much tied to the times they were/are making music in, but i still can’t pull any similarities from what i’ve heard from maroon 5 and foster the people. This seems like a case of ‘agree to disagree’, but i guess my main schtick is that the key component to anything beach boys is vocal harmony. maroon 5 and foster the people don’t employ vocal harmonies barely ever (using “barely” because i haven’t heard all of their songs).

          if they paired maroon 5 and foster the people with like kool and the gang or donna summer, then i would understand.

          • Really? What about songs like “Miss You” and “Helena Beat”. Plenty of vocal harmony.

          • “miss you” is only using reverb on the lead guy’s voice and “helena beat” is just a group of people singing the same notes on the same time. check out “all summer long” – that song features pretty textbook beach boys harmonies. i think i would just categorize foster and maroon 5 as disco or funk before rock or w/e people want to classify the beach boys as

  9. Not endorsing Foster or Maroon 5 by any means but lets get real here people. If the Beach Boys had started out today they’d be categorized in the same light as Foster/Maroon.

    I love the Beach Boys but they’ve been a bit of an enigma for most of their history. It wasn’t until recently that people rediscovered Pet Sounds and Smiley Smile and began to praise Brian Wilson. Remember the Beach Boys first three albums? How’s that any different than what we’re hearing from these two other bands? Surfin’ Safari? Kokomo? That’s what most people remember, and that’s the typical Grammy crowd.

    • “If the Beach Boys had started out today they’d be categorized in the same light as Foster/Maroon.”
      i can kinda see what you’re trying to say but….i don’t know about that. Thats a pretty big “if”.

  10. mike love cold as hell

  11. I wish someone like Rick Rubin (not Steve Stoute) would let the NARAS know how much their awards show sucks. Neil Portnow and many other members of the NARAS should be replaced. I’m glad to read about a Beach Boys reunion on tv but having them perform together with Foster the People and Maroon 5 is unnecessary. Did the producers at the Grammys ask their kids who is still hip or some shit? I would imagine that some of you would prefer artists like Christopher Owens and Girls or No Age (both California groups) performed with the Beach Boys but seriously Brian Wilson and the group preforming together again is enough.

    Fuck you Neil Portnow and the NARAS…

    • I can understand how a TV producer would want to appeal to multiple demographics by having all these artists perform together, but I agree that it’s totally unnecessary. The novelty of it wears thin pretty quickly, and what’s the point of a Beach Boys reunion if they’re also playing with two other bands?

      I’m not really the target market for the Grammys (at least I don’t think so) but a Beach Boys performance – a reunion, no less – is, like you said, totally enough on its own. Now it’s not really a Beach Boys performance anymore and instead an awkward mash-up that basically comes across like the Grammys trying to cram all the big names they can into their broadcast.

  12. So would Bon Iver be somewhere in this mix had they not said no? In place of Foster maybe?

  13. I’m pretty indifferent about this Beach Boys reunion. One of the great things about Brian Wilson solo is that he doesn’t have to worry about a power-hungry Mike Love or Bruce Johnston bringing him down. Maybe if each show ends with Mike Love getting kicked in the groin, I’ll feel better about it.

  14. This sounds more like a hilarious mad lib than an actual thing that’s happening.

    Other suggestions?
    - The surviving members of the Beatles with Kings of Leon and John Mayer
    - The Rolling Stones with Matchbox 20 and Five Finger Death Punch
    - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant with Katy Perry and Onerepublic
    - Queen with Adam Lambert
    - Madonna with MIA and Nicki Minaj

  15. The Beach Boys reunite to play with The Bitch Boys.

  16. This is going to be a train wreck of awkwardness.

  17. when u have good and it is taken away from u and instead of fighting about it u get it back again thats eall mentall maturity. congrads… u made it…

  18. Brian Wilson Smart Girls rap.
    Brian Wilson was great but he has lost it for sure.

    • That was almost 20 years ago and that was under the control of his psycho psychiatrist Eugene Landy. Listen to his That Lucky Old Sun and Reimagines Gershwin albums or watch some of his live DVDs, proof that he’s still got it. He doesn’t have the voice that he had in the 60s but he hasn’t lost any of the charm or creativity.

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