Jay-Z & Kanye West - "Niggas In Paris" Video

On their Watch The Throne tour last year, Jay-Z and Kanye West became notorious for performing their triumphant banger “Niggas In Paris” over and over, as many as 10 times. Now one of last year’s greatest singles finally has a video, and it centers almost entirely around those live shows, with Jay and Kanye rocking a huge crowd that seems to mostly consist of models. The quick edits and laser-lights are so relentless that the video comes with an epilepsy warning, and the repeated use of lion-roars is just awesome. Watch it below.

Watch The Throne is out now on Def Jam, but you already knew that.

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  1. That skirt cray.

  2. To get the full experience of the Watch The Throne concert, play this video 7 times.

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    • The editing really is great. Could of gone with less tigers growling though.

      As for the song, it, along with the rest of Watch The Throne, needs to be heard on loudspeakers or in the car or in public.

      Headphones, bedroom, living room by yourself doesn’t cut it. There’s a reason they played it over & over & over again live… It really gets the people going. That BoG sample isn’t out of place at all, it really does get the people going and it’s an invigorating experience.

      • This song definitely works best in a social setting. Listened to it with friends in the early hours of the new year and the rest of the year is going to have a hard time living up to that experience

    • I love the way people thumbs down something just because they don’t agree with it.

      I’ve got an M.I.A. super bowl gesture for all’y'all.

      All I said was the song’s not good. And it’s not. I’m a big Kanye fan. But there’s no hook to that song and it bores me. I hope they do another album together and maybe work on it a little longer than rush it in between three other projects.

  4. whoa pumas

  5. good stuff, totally worth the three seizures

  6. i just prefere Die fucking Antwoord on Letterman.

  7. Nice to see Kanye finally learnt how to work the mirror-effect video setting on his Mac Book

  8. Kanye is dressed like a Scottish man attending a funeral.

  9. time to further rack up my jiggas in paris play count.


  11. is this how you type in italics, oh wait

  12. You know Kanye, I love ya man, but would you please make a video an epileptic person like me can watch?

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