Obama Drops 27-Song Official Campaign Spotify Playlist

Barack Obama occasionally takes time to do some regular dude stuff, so while it’s unlikely that he himself compiled this re-election campaign playlist on Spotify, it’s feasible. Some mixed messages here — “Roll With The Changes”? — but for the most part it’s a warm look at the President’s jams. Check out the tracklist below, which includes Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” obviously, and access the playlist here at Spotify.

01 No Doubt – “Different People”
02 Earth Wind & Fire Experience feat. Al McKay Allstars – “Got To Get You Into My Life – (Live)”
03 Booker T. & The MG’s – “Green Onions – Single/LP Version”
04 Wilco – “I Got You”
05 The Impressions – “Keep On Pushing – Single Version”
06 Jennifer Hudson – “Love You I Do”
07 AgesandAges – “No Nostalgia”
08 Ledisi – “Raise Up”
09 Sugarland – “Stand Up”
10 Darius Rucker – “This”
11 Arcade Fire – “We Used to Wait”
12 Florence And The Machine – “You’ve Got The Love”
13 James Taylor – “Your Smiling Face”
14 REO Speedwagon – “Roll With The Changes”
15 Raphael Saadiq – “Keep Marchin’”
16 Noah And The Whale – “Tonight’s The Kind Of Night”
17 Zac Brown Band – “Keep Me In Mind”
18 Aretha Franklin – “The Weight”
19 U2 – “Even Better Than The Real Thing”
20 Dierks Bentley – “Home”
21 Sugarland – “Everyday America”
22 Darius Rucker – “Learn To Live”
23 Al Green – “Let’s Stay Together”
24 Electric Light Orchestra – “Mr. Blue Sky”
25 Montgomery Gentry – “My Town”
26 Ricky Martin – “The Best Thing About Me Is You Feat. Joss Stone”
27 Ray LaMontagne – “You Are The Best Thing”
28 Bruce Springsteen – “We Take Care Of Our Own”

Track 11 — he’s after that Arcade Fire endorsement in the worst way, huh?

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  1. Sugarland and Darius rocker each got 2 songs. Because they’re so good.

  2. “Is it OK if I put more than one Darius Rucker song on this piece? Lookin to rock.” – Obama to Spotify

  3. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • That doesn’t make any sense.

      • It makes perfect sense. If you drop something on your foot, it tends to roll nearby but definitely in an area that you could easily pick it up by bending over. And further to that, if you bend over, it makes it very easy – especially if you’re near a doorway – for someone to give you a gentle but effective push/kick out of the office you’re in. Sense was made today.

        • Yea, I guess that works. I just always pictured Obama picking up things with one of those retractable claw things. ScOttOtto, you’re free this time.

          • my question is, what does he drop on his foot? and who boots him out of the office he is in? I mean I’ve never dropped a spotify playlist and had to pick it up off of the floor, and I’m assuming anyone in his office is working for him so it’s unlikely that they’ll hit him with a sneak attack.

    • Yeah, and then we can get Newt Gingrich’s Spotify playlist. I’m sure it’ll be better.

    • In public speaking classes, a generally accepted first rule of public speaking is, “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE”


  4. What? No Ted Nugent?

  5. wait, so anybody can listen to Spotify for free? sounds like communism to me…

  6. Why, tell me why, is there no Lil B on this?

  7. Hey everybody, news flash: YOUR PRESIDENT (or his staff, but whatever) KNOWS WHAT SPOTIFY *IS*. Count your goddamn blessings.

  8. my vote will go to the candidate with the most rocking playlist

  9. I am being sincere when I say this is not at all a political comment, but Obama is the funniest shit

  10. This is much more eclectic than Herman Cain’s spotify playlist, which was just Barry White’s “Greatest Hits.”

  11. Meanwhile Rick Perry has compiled a playlist of every Family Force 5 song ever written.

  12. Props for the Raphael Saadiq and Agesandages.

  13. “Hoes on my dick cause I looks like Grandma
    Damn BasedGod pinky ring like Santa
    Hoes on my dick cause I looks like Santa
    Met a cool girl and her boyfriend’s homeless
    I’m so beautiful I look like Moses
    I look like Fabio, young Ted Danson
    Bitches on my dick cause I look like Marilyn Manson
    I look like Bill Gates mixed with Obama.”

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