The Roots and Justin Vernon

?uestlove was throwing Twitter shots at Justin Vernon just a few months ago, but all that is long-buried. Last week, when he was in town for Saturday Night Live, the Bon Iver frontman stopped by the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon studios. As a special treat for the studio audience, he and the Roots played an astral, heavily Auto-Tuned eight-minute take on “Perth” that sounded perfectly lovely. And now, in their infinite wisdom, the people at Fallon have put that video online. Watch it below; it’s great.

Turns out our boy Justin has at least a touch of D’Angelo in him.

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  1. I’m glad Justin and ?uestlove were able to settle their differences through the medium of slow jams.

  2. this one is definetly going on my “doing it” playlist.

  3. I was going to down vote this comment because you actually have a playlist for “doing it”. But I listened to the song and you know what…you right! Did you hear me Nicholas Brandt! You Right! So now I will make a playlist for doing it, but it will be called “Doin’ it”

  4. could we please get a justin vernon + the roots auto-tuned remix LP? this is fantastic

  5. Justin Vernon + James Blake LP needs to happen

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