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Cat Power had been planning to play a 2/13 show in Tel Aviv, but on her Facebook, she claims that she won’t be playing that show after all. After initially posting something about figuring out a way to play a show for Palestinian fans in Ramallah, Chan Marshall posted this: “DUE TO MUCH CONFUSION IN MY SOUL,PLAYİNG FOR MY İSRAELİ FANS W/SUCH UNREST BETWEEN İSRAEL&PALESTİNE I CAN’T PLAY,AS I FEEL SICK IN MY SPIRIT XX.” This post, naturally, has a whole mess of divided comments already.

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  2. I love her for this.

  3. I’ll save my comment for when Lana Del Rey cancels her Israel show.

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  5. no offense
    but can all u Palestinian supporters
    and Israeli supporters


    she didnt even reject one country
    or accept the other

    she just stated her ambivalence

    ambivilance isnt a standpoint
    so plz
    dont make her into some sort of symbol
    which she’s obviously not standing for


    - my sanity

  6. Don’t think she really picked a side here

    • NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!! SHE’S AN ANTI-SEMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      !!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To boot, she hates black people! Read between the lines, people.

  7. @fina man have you been to the refugee camps in bethlehem? have you been to hebron?

  8. kinda seems like she planned the show to cancel and create controversy/press. conflict between israel and palestine isn’t new right?

  9. Her reading a Borat article proves just how long it’s been since she’s been relevant. When was the last time you heard someone say “IT’S NIIICE!”? It was probably around the same time you heard someone talk about Cat Power.

  10. You guys are all such idiots. None of you have any idea what goes on in the middle east because none of you have been there. Currently, Israel is surrounded by countries that want to completely blow it off the map. They are constantly trying to make compromises and giving palestinians territories and yet, people continue to be ignorant and not think America’s support of Israel has importance. They are our ONLY ally in the middle east. They are the ONLY country giving us places to land our planes during the entire war in Iraq. Trust me, if Israel goes, we will have a lot of problems in the middle east if countries like Iraq, Iran, Libya and Afghanistan continue to be run by animals. And just to add on, they are pioneers in technology. You think you’d all own smartphones if Israel didn’t exist? Guess again. Cat Power and anyone else who has canceled shows are just completely uninformed and are afraid to admit they’re anti-semites. It’s called music, not politics. Elton John played in Israel and said he’d be back every year. He had no politcal motives for his music. He just wanted to give Israel some rock ‘n’ roll.

  11. Good for her, although I’m sorry for the backlash it will create in her “good-thinking” audience. She was smart enough to not pick a side, however, almost anything that could be interpreted to be an attack to Israel is easily labeled as anti-semitism. Yeah, eff religion and all that, but this is really -and it always has been- a political problem.

  12. Why do people think it’s OK to type in all caps?

  13. She’s terrible live, so I guess no big loss to anyone.

  14. “Confusion in my soul?” Soooooo, when Chan booked the show, she just kinda assumed that Israel and Palestine would be living in peace by now? OK, so either she’s drastically under-informed about the world, or she’s anti-Israel, or she only booked this show in order to cancel it and get free publicity. Which would not hurt her these days, if you know what I’m saying.

    She’s not accomplishing anything by cancelling. She should do the show (spreading some tix around to the various factions) and take some time to learn about the complicated ISR-PAL situation before saying “screw you ” to her fans. That might cure the “sickness of her spirit.”

  15. Idiots you people are.. every last one of you will NEVER be in the position to have to make this decision, so its nice and easy to pass judgement & question motives.. A bunch of other artists have recently cancelled as well.

  16. so i guess now we’ll see a slew of artists cancelling US shows because of it’s war crimes, deranged foreign policy and all around world policing / censoring, right? hmm…

  17. She simply refrained form playing in a documented apartheid state where there is a huge boycott going on right now. She still needed courage to stand for justice, the pressure to play tel Aviv is very severe.

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