The LCD head rhapsodizes about art and Nazis, laments social networking’s descent into marketing/manipulation, and finds Facebook to be the most “idiotic and hilarious” of them all. So he posted this awesome rant on MySpace instead. (via P4K).

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  1. Jason  |   Posted on Oct 9th, 2009 0

    Sanctimonious cankles alert!

  2. Jason  |   Posted on Oct 11th, 2009 0

    No, seriously, fuck you James Murphy. I’m glad your career has afforded you a pedestal from which you can look down upon us plebes, but I’m sorry to tell you that some of us have to do things that are sad and functional to put food on the table. Some of us even find it moderately enjoyable to have everyday challenges, nice coworkers, and a reliable paycheck. Also, I’m impressed that you truly believe that your success didn’t have one iota to do with “marketing” in any shape or form, including by the legions of fanboy followers who drooled over your records and did the dirty work for you. it must be nice to live in your bubble.

    • something  |   Posted on Oct 11th, 2009 0

      If the “Fanboys” do the marketing for him, doesn’t that just mean he CAN criticize it? Doesn’t that mean that he’s good enough that he doesn’t have to become a desperate hack to get by? I mean, it’s IN RESPONSE to people sending him stupid messages about their band playing at a bar, can’t he give his opinion about what people are putting into HIS inbox?

      And then the middle part of your paragraph is just not responding to anything he said and makes you look suicidal for some reason.

      • Well…his name is Jason. What else can you expect from a Jason other than looking a little suicidal? At least he stopped by to show some love. Way to go Jason, you tell James Murphy to go fuck himself hard! not too hard tho, you don’t want to come off as a pervert.

  3. Charlie  |   Posted on Oct 16th, 2009 0

    A little pretentious for a dude who makes disco-rock, don’t you think…? He’s no Bob Dylan…

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