Ever since Monday, we’ve been hearing rumors that Madonna was furious at M.I.A. for flipping off the camera during Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show. Today, we get confirmation, as NME reports. Talking to Ryan Seacrest earlier today (because of course she was), Madonna said that she “wasn’t happy about it,” breaking it down thus: “It’s kind of a teenager irrelevant thing to do in one respect, but there was such a feeling of love and unity there so what was the point? It was just out of place.” I don’t know about the “love and unity” thing, but she’s not wrong about the “teenager” part.

More Madonna response: “To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know about. I didn’t find out until I left. I found out about it in the elevator to get to the car and get to the airport. I wasn’t happy about it. I know it’s kind of punk-rock and everything, but to me, there was such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity, and it just seemed negative.” From now on, “kind of punk-rock and everything” will go down as one of music’s great passive-aggressive put-downs.

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  1. seems like a sensible response … until you read it again in madonna’s fake british accent

  2. Union? World Peace? Really? What a Hypocrites…

  3. Says the woman who flaunted her everything and left no leg unspread when she was M.I.A.’s age just to gain a little publicity.

    • Precisely. But indie sites will take whatever hit they can get on a female artist.

    • Not during the Super Bowl she didn’t. I get what you’re saying, but the two issues are completely different from one another. I was alive during all the Madonna controversy.

      “Sex” was nearly impossible to find until scanned copies showed up on the internet . That video that Mtv banned, can’t remember the name at the moment – I didn’t see that thing for a decade because there was no way I was going to pay to see it.

      Flipping the bird during the Super Bowl half time, as little as it offends me, is totally different. You know 150 million people are watching. You KNOW a lot of them are children.

      Point in fact, my seven year old nephew saw that the Super Bowl was being replayed on NFL Network and asked if he could watch it. When he saw it was the third quarter he asked if that meant half time was over. I said, “Yeah. Why? Did you like Madonna?” His answer was, “Everyday I’m shufflin’ was on there. Well, Party Rock. LMFAO.”

      That’s why the middle finger was a big deal.

      • She writhed around on-stage in a torn wedding dress while she performed “Like a Virgin” at the VMAs at some point in the mid ’80s. That isn’t the Super Bowl, but that was still fairly public. This was also at a time where MTV was geared specifically towards the youth set.

        Madonna really has no place to talk because her entire career was built around being a provocateur and borderline public exhibitionist. I also don’t know how you didn’t see “Justify My Love” for almost a decade. I was a kid during the ’90s. I remember the damn thing because they made a special where it aired after hours, and then they aired it during one of the “Greatest Videos” of All Time count downs anyway that they did sometime in the mid ’90s and then again as the decade was closing out. It really wasn’t that hard to find. I caught it a handful of times before the Internet even became the place where you find all those sorts of things.

        • Mtv has always been aiming at the 18-45 age bracket. That age bracket has represented the most advertising dollars since, like, forever. I would also disagree with you in regards to their focus on a younger audience at that time based on programming. TRL didn’t even start airing until 1998 and that was the beginning of Mtv’s attempts to be younger.

          Regardless, the Mtv VMAs is NOT the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is “family” programming. The Super Bowl is the single most watched television show each year. The VMAs have never been either of this things. If MIA had flipped the bird on the VMAs it would barely be noticed, if it was noticed at all.

          Again, I’m not offended by it in the slightest. But I can understand well enough why it’s causing such a stir amongst a certain “middle-America” audience. That’s not what they tune into the Super Bowl to see.

  4. Ha, Madonna, it’s fine. I hated the halftime show so the middle finger only enhanced the experience.

  5. woozefa  |   Posted on Feb 10th, 2012 +12

    Nothing associated with the Super Bowl can be punk rock anything. Sorry Madge.

  6. this is why i hate american tv, anithing is ofensive, she gave the finger, BIG DEAL

  7. Because with a lyric like “I don’t give a sh*t,” there was no way to expect anything like that.

    • EXACTLY. I just logged in for the first time to say exactly that. “It just seemed negative?” Of course it was, it was done at the same moment the lyric “don’t give a sh*t” is spoken. The lyric that you approved to have performed at the Super Bowl.

  8. Egyptian-themed performance, a football game between rival cities, LMFAO. Damnit M.I.A., I was feeling so grown-up and peaceful before you ruined it all.

  9. In other news, the world enjoys day 5 of peace

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    • Yeah, fuck her for being better at making music than us! WE ALL DESERVE TO HAVE HER SUCCESS/TALENT!

      ~sarcasm. If we give MIA the finger, we might as well give every successful musician the finger.

  12. I’m just glad she broke her legendary silence. PHEW load off my mind to know she finally weighed in.

  13. The Egyptian sun-goddess doesn’t approve of being eclipsed. This was supposed to be an event where people positively unite in awe of Her.

  14. When I think about punk rock, the first thing I picture is M.I.A. as an ancient Egyptian pharaoh lip-synching at the Super Bowl halftime show.

  15. i must say, i am really encouraged with all the pro-m.i.a. comments here, especially after you all flogged her for her ny times interview 2 years ago

  16. MIA is about as punk rock as the 13-year-olds at the mall who wear the Ramones t-shirts.

  17. M.I.A. is the coolest. That’s all I got t’say.

  18. LOL @ Madonna being a bitter old bitch. This is coming from a 50+ year old woman dressing up like a skank and desperately trying to stay relevant. I wonder if she forgot about her SEX book or any and/all of the provocative things that she did in the ’90s. Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

  19. There you have your transgressor idol. Completely discrediting something she based her entire career on doing. Apparently, it didn’t represent a benefit for HER now.
    Go to bed, already, old woman…

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