Charli XCX

Ascendant British synthpop Charli XCX star has never sounded happier than she does on the song she posted online today, the blippily swoony “Valentine.” The track went up on her Soundcloud this morning, for reasons that probably have something to do with today’s date. Download it below.

It would be pretty cool if she did this for every holiday. I’d be curious to hear what she’d come up with for Presidents’ Day.

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  1. I’m pretty fickle with my female pop musicians, but I like what Charli XCX has had to offer thus far.

    By way, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. True love never dies…

  2. I prefer her other singles, but that probably speaks more to my lovelorn disposition today than to the track itself. This is a seemingly fun and playful way to garner some good press on this St. Valentine’s day. Now when’s that album coming out, Charli? I’m sure I’m not the only one anticipating her first LP.

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