Watch Lana Del Rey On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Lana takes us back to where it all began with a rendition of “Video Games” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which is the latest stop in the Lana’s-performance-is-improving-swiftly tour. Also, watch for how the Bud Light logo pops into the frame right when she sings, “Open up a beer.” Subliminal advertising? I’ll think about that on the way to corner shop, as I’m feeling kind of thirsty. Watch her Kimmel stop below.

Born To Die is out now on Interscope.

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  1. eVERY LITtle thING THat i do” @2:36

  2. I’m sorry but she’s not even trying. Terrible. Just like her SNL performance.

  3. Sounds great to me.

  4. one million comments, GO!!!

  5. She’s like the Tim Tebow of the music scene.

  6. my interest in this woman and her song s are about as authentic as…………….. the meat in chicken mc nuggets. oh yes. a big, fat cardboard box of nuggests. golden chunks of “meat”. two of them pasted to some broad’s face. you just want to lick it. LICK IT. put some honey garlic on that piece. dab some BBQ on those ‘gets and you can just eat them.

  7. I guess her Cockney pronunciation of earth (urf) is a shout out to Adele?

  8. all i can think is DAMNIT JK, Million Dollar Man was sounding amazing and apparently we’ll never SEE it, you can buy the mp3 from ABC but thats about it. I HOPE she starts playing different tracks from now on, it’s gotta be boring doing Video Games all the time.

  9. anyone hear her demos? really good, just her and a guitar sounds great. and yes haters, she can PLAY the guitar, as well as writing ALL her lyrics-so suck it:)

  10. urf wit yew

  11. one of those voices that as soon as she opens up you automatically know who is singing. no studio can ever manufacture such artist. love her.

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